Aftermath of the Cologne New Years Eve Attacks…


Date: January 28, 2016

01) Aftermath of the Cologne New Years Eve Attacks

“Examining the events following the initial reports of the Cologne New Years Eve attacks.”

I understand the distinction, that “this” is not Islam…

…What is undeniably so damning, however…is that this kind of thing is so prevalent…often seen as “justified backlash”, against people not seen as “modest enough”…in cultures which are ruled over by heavily Islamic regimes…

…What does that say, about the fitness of Islamists to rule a state?

Islam’s social legacy, has a tremendous amount to answer for…to be held accountable for.

How is it, they produce people who think and act this way?…Who even believe it is their “right”, to come to foreign lands and do that to the native citizens?

I know there are decent Muslims out there…So, don’t take me wrong…

…It’s just that there are some very deep, dark problems, within the cultures which produced, fostered and refined Islam…

…And Islam, itself, has been powerless to bring that to an end…Heck, it’s more a product of those cultures, than they are of it.

How much faith in Islam, is this expected to create?

The cultures behind Islam, would do well to reform…Islam would do well to accept guidance, and model itself, from the perspectives, practices and ethics of modern, tolerant cultures and modern, tolerant beliefs…

…Islam would do well, to step down from it’s soapbox…to realize and identify it’s own deep, deep problems…and to pursue addressing those personal problems.

Islam has plenty enough on it’s own plate, regarding it’s own shortcomings, to take up Muslims time and resources for the foreseeable future…

…There is no justification in finger wagging, or standing in judgment of people and cultures, who are not Islamic.


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