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Negotiating Stigma: Approaches to Intergenerational Sex [PDF Book]…

Date: February 01, 2016

01) Negotiating Stigma: Approaches to Intergenerational Sex

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“Terry Leahy

PhD thesis presented to the University of New South Wales, 1991.
First published in January 2002 by Books Reborn.

Negotiating Stigma: Approaches to Intergenerational Sex deals with the experience of younger parties involved in intergenerational sexual relationships with adults.

The study is based upon a set of interviews (nineteen in all) with people who, while they were under sixteen, were voluntarily involved in such relationships. They all described relationships that they regarded as positive experiences. Frank and intriguing verbatim material from the interviews provides the background and the basis for the analysis.

The thesis examines the way in which these interviewees validated, explained, and understood their activities in the light of a dominant view that prohibits intergenerational sexual contacts and that casts the younger party as necessarily the victim of sexual abuse by an adult. Presenting their relationships as positive and voluntary experiences, these people could not take up positions as victims of sexual abuse.”

Like I’ve said many, many, many times previously…these people do exist…and we know, for an absolute fact, that they exist. We know successful intergenerational relationships of a sexual nature, are entirely possible…and could even be part of healthy, common place…if only they have a social support structure, to allow them to thrive.

If only decency, empathy and humane compassion were afforded to these kinds of relationships…they could be a major power for great good.

It is a vulgar disgrace on the part of society…that it continues to attack, demonize and viciously persecute these kinds of relationships, in the face of no valid excuse…just a lot of sexual superstitions.

To paraphrase someone in the BoyLove community…No longer is the question, whether or not BoyLove is good and valid…The question now, is why it continues to be persecuted…

I think it is time that focus be relocated…and placed upon those who are psychologically obsessed, with smearing, demonizing, hunting and maliciously hurting, people who are inclined towards loving, beautiful relationships [of a fully mutual nature].

…That, I think, is where the true roots of this problem grow from.