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Four students charged with raping male classmates…

Date: February 03, 2016

01) Four students charged with raping male classmates

02) Four students charged with raping male classmates on school bus

“Four high school students have been accused of holding down and raping two fellow students “with their fingers”.

The boys allegedly attacked their 16-year-old and 12-year old victims on a school bus as they travelled back from a wrestling tournament.


According to court documents, the assailants allegedly inserted their fingers into the boys’ anuses as they were being held down – the 12- year-old more than once including on campus.”

The only testimony I’m concerned with here…

…are the ones that have been withheld…

I want to know what the sixteen and twelve year old have to say about this…Was there some kind of collusive history [ie: consensual sexual exploration], or was this abruptly forced onto them?…

…If it were the degree of attack being implied, then how did the coach with them [or anybody else present, for that matter], not put a stop to it?

I know a buss full of kids can be a rowdy environment…but still…We’re expected to believe two kids were anally “raped”, while in the presence of a larger group…and everybody was passive about the fact that it was happening?…How few people were on that bus?…or how many people were conspiring to make it happen?

This just does not come off believable to me.

It’s not entirely out of the question, that there was already some messing around going on amongst the boys of this school…and they wanted to push the excitement envelope, by daring to do it in a setting where they could get caught…And, potentially…it wasn’t the horror “rape scene”, this report is implying it to be.

At the same time…I have a hard time believing, that most kids are going to go along with being penetrated like that, in that setting…or that they’d need to be held down by multiple people, if they were willing.

It should go without saying [I would hope], that I condemn all forms of violation.