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Anonymous: Terrorist Censors…


Date: February 04, 2016

01) Kamil Beylant

“…this dictatorial movement tries to prohibit legal information exchange by lawful minority members” – Kamil Beylant

“Maybe the original movement had good intentions,but now it is just a free for all for trolls etc 2 hide behind and abuse ppl!” – @chanceslife1

Possibly, but the writing was always on the wall. Anonymous was always an abysmal, unworkable, unaccountable strategy.

#Anonymous speaks for nobody. They are egotistical narcissists, for making claims of speaking for “citizens of the world”.

These ignorant, arrogant, narcissist hypocrites don’t even know what they claim to “fight for”, means in the real world.


Watch out! They’re Going to PRAY Against Us!: Voodoo Christianity, At It’s ‘Finest’…


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Date: February 04, 2016

01) Pedophiles are here, and they want ‘equal rights’ too!

First I’d like to say to Robin Sam, thank you for the accompanying graphical picture…It’s super cute!…Being an LBL [Little Boy Lover], I quite enjoyed it, and appreciate you catering to my personal tastes. Bit of a pity he’s looking kind of down…Next time, please find a picture of a little boy, who’s more bubbly and cheery…Thanks in advance!

To all MAPs out there, please be on alert!…

…If you happen to come down with a pain in the side, some kind of bewitching…a tooth ache…explosive flatulence…stub your toe, etc, etc, etc…Robin Sam and his followers, may be praying a voodoo curse upon you…

Well…okay, it might not be technically called “voodoo”…but when someone is praying to their imaginary friend, to have it mystically smite you down, or otherwise mess you up…let’s just call a spade a spade…It’s the same thing as voodoo.

…Besides…that cliché bible verse he quotes [and so, so many others like to quote], about “millstones around the neck, and being drown in the sea”, doesn’t sound too good willed, or friendly…Come to think of it…that was one of Jesus’ nastier moments “on record”…Guess he was having a bad day, that one…[Though the secret many of us realize, is that it’s perfectly possible Jesus never existed at all…and that biblical recordings are of a composite character, based on previous “gods”…Similarities with Jesus’ predecessors are uncanny. So, I wouldn’t get too worked up about it.]

…Quite sociopathic of Robin Sam to go there, I must say.

Well…let’s observe a few portions of his post…

“Friends, do you know pedophiles in the US have started calling themselves as ‘minor-attracted people’?”

You are very late to the party, Robin…The term MAP [Minor Attracted Person] was coined at least seven or eight years ago…It came out of the research field, as a neutral terminology. We don’t deserve being stigmatized with negative and implicating labels, if and when we agree to participate in research studies…But, I doubt you did enough research on this, to know anything about the history behind the term Minor Attracted Person. In part, it was to help get a wider range of volunteers, because many researchers want to start doing much deeper, more thorough research on us, as a demographic.

There’s nothing spooky about it…It wasn’t coined for our sexual liberation.

I had nothing to do with it’s development [that I’m aware of]…though I was an early adopter of the term, because it is useful and dignified.

“…they have started using the same tactics that homosexuals…”

Thank you, so much, for your hyperbolic value judgments, Robin…

…You’re extremely late to the party, once again…We’ve been using the same tactics to fight for our human rights [and the human rights of minors], at least as far back as “the homosexuals”…Many of us used to be part of the same movement…Some of us would have been essentially indistinguishable from “the homosexuals”, back then…Modern gays and lesbians owe a debt of gratitude, in part, to some of our kind.

Nothing has changed…We keep fighting…It’s just that many of us had to pull an enormous knife from our collective back, once the modern gays and lesbians decided they wanted to be an assimilationist movement…and that they needed to mimic heterosexuals.

Pedophilia is not an “alternative lifestyle”…It is a natural lifestyle…It’s been with us, all throughout recorded history…And it’s had varying degrees of acceptance [or lack there of], all the while.

…We’re just living in an especially nasty era, right now…Where people like you, Robin, can proclaim all manner of nasty things about us, and demand the most inhumane of violation against us…”Lucky us”…

…I hope you, Robin, never have to face anything on par, with what you wish and impose upon us MAPs…Because I realize how inhumane that is…and I’m a much better person than that.

“In such a scenario, what can we do? Well, all’s not lost. We can pray!…as prayer groups will have to pray with a greater zeal against these abhorrent trends. Above all, pray!”

…Yes, Robin…Pray…and plot against us…

…As an ex-Baptist, I must warn you…prayer doesn’t have an effect, except as some sort of strange species of pep rally…Ra, Ra, Ra!!

…Oh, and thank you for conspiring to plot against us…Thing is, we MAPs have things on our side, which you do not…They’re called truth, reality, objectivity, clear cognition, honesty, kindness, pure intent…knowledge…our heads are neither in the clouds, nor in the sand [nor up our behinds], but based in the objective, real world. We approach, appreciate and respect human beings, as they factually exist…not by how they are interpreted, in an ancient, mystical collection of writings.

“There will be activists who will go to the Supreme Court seeking the Government to amend the law, urge Parliament to pass a resolution in their favor.”

Oh heck, Robin…Haven’t you heard?…Bill 457198214HLL3US is coming up for vote, and I’m sure it will pass, by next Tuesday…It allows me, personally, to enter your home and hump your left leg at my own leisure…anytime of the day, any day of the week…I wrote the text for this bill, from beginning to end, and handed it over to my federal representative…I’m quite proud of this accomplishment…You know we own and run the entire U.S. federal government, right?…We make up, like, 98.9 percent of it…I’m anticipating that your left leg is quite lovely…Please have plenty of lubrication on hand…

…No…No, wait!…Stop screaming, Robin!…That was just a joke!…Honest!

But seriously…There needs to be strong, human rights laws in place to protect people like us…That is really what we are seeking.

“In September, 2015, Salon carried an article by someone named Todd Nickerson…”

What is so sad, is that you clearly have not even taken the time, to understand the person you are strawmaning…least of all, what he was writing about in the very article you have linked to.

…If you did, you’d know he’s dead set against adult minor sexual relations…and that he is doing this, primarily, to fight stereotypes surrounding MAPs…I would expect, he also hopes to promote Virtuous Pedophiles, and it’s initiatives [primarily research, and peer support]…but it would be wrong of me, to attempt summarizing someone I’m not closely familiar with…So, you’ll have to forgive me, for going no further with speculation.

All in all…as is so typical of your kind…you’re making a strawman, of someone who’s actually trying to do something positive in this world, with intent to make the world a safer place for everyone [including children], even at great potential injury to himself for the effort…

…But, hey…It makes all the sense in the world, to crucify every modern day Jesus all over again, right?

This is usually what happens to people who see the forest for the trees, while everyone else around them is caught up in hyperbole and hysterics…they get martyred, because people in this world refuse to deal in reality.

“I wonder what would Nickerson choose to do if pedophilia suddenly became an accepted form of behavior…all these ‘molesters’ out there…would turn into ‘monsters’ and pounce on the first child they find in their path. The sexual predators would come out of the woodwork and devour children.”

Pedophilia is not cannibalism, dear Robin.

So, tell me, Robin…How much restraint do you have to put into it, to keep yourself from raping unsuspecting men, women, children and other assorted species of animal?…And how often do you fail at this self restraint?

…I’m just figuring, with that degree of ignorant projection…you must rape, what?…three to twelve people [and other animals] a year?…I mean clearly, you don’t understand what control over ones own faculties means…

…You also don’t understand what a sexual orientation is, as opposed to an aggressive, compulsive, sexual fetish.

Being attracted to someone and/or wanting to give them pleasure, is not the same thing as wanting to “pounce” on them, and force them against their will.

We don’t lose our respect and love for other human beings, just because we are attracted to them…Nor does this mean, that we are in any way inclined to be violent with them…Good grief…violence is antithetical, to actual pedophilia.

“The pedophiles are lying low because child molestation is still taboo. Once the restraint is gone, heaven knows what will happen to our children!”

They’ll be a lot happier…Trust me…especially when liberated from dominating, religious zealots like you, Robin…I have all the experience in the world, growing up a child in that very environment…It’s quite the self hating, suicide inducing fest…Liberation is so much, a happier place to be…It’s psychologically healthier.

They’ll be happier to have that pedophile in their life, also.

“While I was reading the Salon article…”

…Look, Robin…I’m going to ignore the typo [were you hungry, while writing this?]…and thank you, for voicing your contempt towards our freedom of speech…and contempt towards the fact that we have it, at all…and contempt towards the idea, that any of us may have ever done anything in our lives, at all, to have earned such a right…and your contempt towards the fact, that disenfranchised groups need a social voice, most out of all types of groups…because they are the most vulnerable.

Children [and teens] are the most soundly protected and safe class of human, in western cultures…I know you don’t want to believe this, because the spooky social phobia of MAPs tells you otherwise…but this is factually the case.

If you want to rampage against people who pose a severe threat against children and teens, then focus on parents…They kill, murder and beat the crap out of their own children, at a rate “pedophiles” could never even begin to hold a candle to.

Why do you think they keep hanging onto the same, famous child names, year after year, when a child is murdered by a “pedophile”?…It’s because there’s such long stretches in time, between this specific, ultra rare type of crime…That is fact…

…Of course, all the while, children are murdered left and right [sometimes in extremely gruesome and brutal ways] by their own parents…and in this parade of insanity, individual stories might get reported on the news…once or twice…maybe more, if something about the case stands out…But society barely bats an eye, or misses a step…or listens and cares…You cant name the names, nor recognize the faces, of most of these children…because they’ve already been forgotten about, by the time the next case of a child’s death [or brutalization] comes to light…a few days later.

Fact is…there are too many of these cases, of parent on child homicide and brutality, for society to mentally keep up with…And apparently…society has decided to fool itself, by concentrating it’s frustration, anger and resources on groups which are least responsible, for the worst abuses of children and teens.

…It’s always easier to deflect blame, and a course of action, away…when the lions share of blame, belongs to common people in the social majority…Because it’s so much harder, to demand accountability out of that majority.

How about this, Robin…You go into your own “normal” communities, and fight to clean up your own “normal” backyards…

…And stop throwing rocks at us MAPs, while we are trying to go about the business of cleaning up our own communities backyards, also.

The Flushed Poo Award



LGBT homeless charity raises $115,000 in bid to buy ‘Jesus would stone homos’ church…

Date: February 04, 2016

01) LGBT homeless charity raises $115,000 in bid to buy ‘Jesus would stone homos’ church

“Harlem’s infamous ATLAH World Missionary Church has attracted attention many times – primarily for signs advocating the death penalty for gay people. The church’s pastor James David Manning, meanwhile, famously claimed that Starbucks flavours lattes with the “semen of Sodomites”.

But very different signs could soon be hanging outside the building, after a state judge ordered the Church premises be put up for auction over more than $1 million in unpaid debts.

New York LGBT homeless charity the Ali Forney Centre, which is looking to expand in the area, has launched a fundraising campaign to buy the church – and the karmic justice of the idea has caught on online.”

In the event you wish to get an idea on who pastor manning is…his YouTube channel is located here.

A Sampling of His Antics:

I discovered manning a number of years back…He’s sort of like Fred Phelps…but even more insane…and his mannerisms are very funny, even if his message is detestable.

Just thought I’d share this news story I stumbled across, while following Etenne’s link on BoyChat.

…And that I’d wish the group trying to purchase ATLAH church good luck!…I hope the premises makes fine accommodations for your cause.