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Ritual Sexual Abuse: The Anatomy of a Panic (Part 1 & 2)…

Date: February 04, 2016

01) Ritual Sexual Abuse: The Anatomy of a Panic (Part 1)

02) Direct Download Part 1 [MP3]

03) Ritual Sexual Abuse: The Anatomy of a Panic (Part 2)

04) Direct Download Part 2 [MP3]

Part 1:

“David Aaronovitch of The Times traces the powerful intellectual influences behind what he sees as one of the most important cultural shifts of the past 40 years: from a society in which accusations of sexual abuse were wrongly ignored to one in which the falsely accused were crushed by a system where the mantra was “victims must be believed”.

In the first of two programmes, Aaronovitch will examine the role played by unproven psychoanalytic theories which, from the 1980s, spread from the world of therapists in Canada and the USA to social work, medicine and then to law enforcement in Britain.

From the NSPCC to academia it was believed that children were being sexually abused in group Satanic rituals, which involved murder and animal sacrifice. The programme will explore how these bizarre ideas took hold, how they were related to mistaken psychotherapeutic practices, and how they resonate still.

The programme will look at the influences of four books which played a key role in influencing the intellectual and cultural climate. These are Sybil, Michelle Remembers, The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) and The Courage to Heal.”

Part 2:

“In the second of two programmes, Aaronovitch re-examines the role played by unproven psychoanalytic theories which, from the 1980s, spread from the world of therapists in Canada and the USA to social work, medicine and then to law enforcement in Britain.

The programme explores the parallels between the belief in ritual abuse with some of the claims being made today about VIP paedophile rings and group murder.

Some of the mistakes of the past – such as the false accusations made against parents in the Orkneys and Rochdale of satanic abuse – have been acknowledged. But, Aaronovitch argues, without a profound understanding of how and why such moral panics arise we are unlikely to avoid similar mistakes in the future. And when such mistakes recur we risk an over-reaction and a return to a culture of denial.”

The Reaction to Richard Dawkins’ No-Platforming…

Date: February 04, 2016

01) The Reaction to Richard Dawkins’ No-Platforming

Note: I don’t know why, exactly, but since shortly after the Todd Nickerson Salon uproar, Sargon decided to start slipping snide “pedophile” comments into his videos…after originally taking the stance, that he just didn’t care about it, and didn’t want to get involved in the issue. I even have an incomplete post, featuring a video where he says this…and sharing some of my own thoughts about it, which I may not post [I’m not sure]…From what I happened across…some troll from Anonymous was pushing and egging him on…So, apparently, Sargon of Akkad caved in…which is a shame, because I’ve otherwise considered his videos to be fairly good…sound and fair…

…Ad homonyms appealing to mindless, popular demonization and slander, only degrade one’s own integrity…Integrity is an important thing, to keep above reproach.

I’m posting this, anyway…though it’s long, and you may not want to watch it all…It’s mostly posted for a bit of reference.

I may be leaving Sargon of Akkad videos behind, in the future…They’re interesting and I personally can overlook the low pot shots [aside from the flip flopping and integrity element]…but they’ve certainly never been important enough to me, to justify showcasing content on this blog which is belligerently offensive towards MAPs [unless it deserves posting on “The Wall”].

“Going through some of the progressive reactions to Dawkin’s thoughtcrimes.”

Chronicle of events against Dawkins:

My Comments:

So…”this” is what the tantrum was all about?

Considering that this reaction to Richard Dawkins is so embarrassingly pathetic [even if the people behind it might never realize, the glaring reality of their own shortcomings]…my impression, is that this singular instance, which they point and shriek at, is nothing more than a very lame excuse to attack Richard.

…Truth be told, Dr. Dawkins had entered into the fray, of intelligent and respected people who’ve been pushing back against the antics, of this very same group of people who are attacking him now.

I’m not going to hunt down the video I intend to post, but he has spoken about this exact issue, of people being “no-platformed” at colleges and universities.

Just like Christina Hoff Sommers, Camille Paglia, or anyone else who speaks with intelligent, honest maturity about these issues…Richard is getting the backlash, for challenging the modern sacred cow of triggered, fainting couch “feminist” insanity.

Those aren’t even really feminists…They are abusive, ignorant, authoritarian hordes…

We need to take their sacred cows…and go have a barbeque, at every possible opportunity.

One other thing:

As to the video, itself…It’s a lampooning satire.

I don’t know the specific male being lampooned, but I do know there are plenty of self identified Muslims out there, who deserve a good lampooning…to help bring their egos back in line…and to raise awareness, to the peace killing vitriol they spread…Oh yes, they are out there…and, oh yes, they do that sort of thing…If they can dish it out…they have no business expecting to be shielded from response to it.

It’s time that people come to the realization [those of you who are still in denial]…that Muslims are not untouchables, where it comes to lampooning and giving critical assessment to their beliefs, cultures, behaviors, etc. [they commonly do this to us “infidels”, in spades]…They are one of the largest demographics on planet Earth, not some feeble and powerless minority, trembling in the shadow of oppressors…It’s disingenuous to use those kinds of false arguments, in attempt to stop people from speaking openly about what they see going on with some Muslims. The behavior of many Muslims, does not reflect the “oppressed minority” narrative being pushed…In fact, many are quite demanding, belligerent and self entitled…Which is not a good face for Islam. Most of the cause for unease and friction with Islam, comes from within the Muslim world, itself…an unfortunate, hard reality…But one we will do well, to face…

…Likewise, feminists are not untouchables, either.

It astonishes me how these loud, obnoxious, mean and creepy “feminists” [IE: “Red”…or is it “Big Red”?…and her peers] can get out there, and behave in a manner which makes any rational, thinking, mature and civilized person think, “this person belongs in a cage, at the zoo”…Yet, there is little to no outrage, that someone like that has been allowed to become the public face of people like them. It’s as if the public catastrophe of people like “Red”, has flown entirely over their heads…

…What do you even say to that, when the audience you’d be talking too, doesn’t seem to comprehend how embarrassed and disgraced it has made itself?…what a freak show it has become?…Or how the only way so many of us can take them seriously, is in the sense that we are legitimately horrified, to think that “these” are going to be the people “running” society, within the next few decades…

…Can they get their act together, before they become indispensable to our society functioning?…Or are they just going to drag us all down together, with them?

If they are this wrapped up in, and obsessed with “triggers”, “micro aggressions” and all the other nonsensical antics, which they currently decry as Earth shattering…even at this point in their lives, where they should have moved well past such a low level of maturity by now…

…I know many of them will eventually snap out of it…but these large, self asserting, self reaffirming hordes of immaturity, are going to produce many psychologically stunted, delusional individuals…And they aren’t going to snap out of it…ever.

It is a toxic and bad environment, being fostered and promoted at many colleges and universities…

…And when someone like Richard points that out…they get shunned, by the people behind those environments.

One of the single most relevant traits in human relations…is the personal ability to self reflect, look inward, acknowledge your own shortcomings…and be able to both admit to them in public, while sincerely acting to correct those shortcomings…

…I have yet to see any of that happening, where it comes to these college and university campus hordes…

…It’s a train wreck, looking for a place to happen…And all of us are going to be left, living with the mess.

Boko Haram Slaughters 86 In Nigeria, Burns Children Alive…

Date: February 05, 2016

01) Boko Haram Slaughters 86 In Nigeria, Burns Children Alive

“Extremist group Boko Haram fighters burned several children to death during an attack on a village in northeastern Nigeria, killing at least 86 people. Fighters from the extremist group firebombed Dalori village and opened fire on civilians Saturday evening…”