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The secret love life of Laura-Anne, aged 9¾…

Date: February 07, 2016

01) The secret love life of Laura-Anne, aged 9¾

“Laura-Anne Hanrahan is sitting on her doorstep, playing with a pumpkin as she describes how she felt when her boyfriend kissed her.

‘Tingly,’ she says, dreamily. ‘He used to come over and cuddle me and put his hands up my top. It used to feel cosy. I feel desperate to go up to him and say “Ben, why don’t we kiss any more”. It hurts so much that we don’t kiss that I want to rip my heart out and throw it away.’

Laura-Anne, from Siddick, a two-street village near Workington in Cumbria, is nine years old.

Next year she will become a star as the main character in a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the sexual awakening of Britain’s pre-teens, with her every thought pored over by television critics and sociologists. The makers of How To Fall In Love, due for broadcast by Channel 4 in the new year, spent two years following the primary school pupil and her friends as they discovered the opposite sex.


In one of the most contentious scenes, two 10-year-olds are seen energetically participating in the kind of kissing normally undertaken behind the school bike shed. It has prompted a debate about the ethics of using potentially vulnerable children as documentary subjects, with one parent saying he felt that his son had been ‘exploited and manipulated’.


Although the programme is not sexually explicit, Steven told The Observer he first had full sex when he was 11, and had been several times to the family planning clinic. All the children said they had their first ‘proper kiss with tongues’ when they were six or seven.


While many parents will be horrified at the thought of their pre-pubescent children engaging in any kind of sexual activity, some experts argue that we are all sexual beings, that children learn about touch and loving relationships from day one and that parents need to be comfortable talking about sexuality with their children early on.”

An old news story, from December 17, 2005…relevant in it’s admissions, I think.

Thought provoking…

I don’t personally believe there is anything wrong with the documentation of human sexuality, even if we are talking about the sexuality of prepubescent people…It exists for them, too.

It’s important for all of us [including the kids, themselves] to acknowledge it’s existence, and to understand it.

The only thing one would be inclined to be alarmed, or get offended over, in seeing this type of documentation…is if they don’t want to believe, that this very natural and real sexuality exists.

Truth be told…a lot of humans lose their sexual virginity, and sexually mate for the first time, before they hit full puberty…Sometimes they have sexual relations a number of times [usually with a peer], before they hit puberty.

This is the real world…And the real world is not some Walt Disney fantasy, where children are some caricature of angels divorced from human motives…A lot of children will choose to have sex prior to reaching puberty, because they personally want [and are biologically driven] to have sex…

…And as Judith Levine has said in the past…children [kids] choose to have sex, for most of the same reasons adults choose to have sex…

…They have the same, natural drive.

In addition…it is no mystery that males typically like to have sex, at very young ages…Our average sexual peak, is a mere eighteen years of age…Biology has made us inclined, to have a lot of sex in the several years leading up to this milestone in life.

Do people really presume that those years are wasted sexual arousal, which “means nothing”?…that they are a mistake of nature?…

It is believable, and very likely, that these years [roughly eleven on through eighteen, and into the twenties] are when a male is biologically at his best to reproduce [provided he has a social structure around him, to help raise his offspring]…Biologically, it may be when he is at his best, to weather the experience of being a father…And in times past, this was certainly true…when they didn’t expect us to live much past our thirties.

Todays western societies are so demanding…that they usurp an individuals natural right, to reproduce…and further still, their natural right to address their own sexual needs…Because that society believes, we all exist to perpetuate it’s own self sustainment…as opposed to our personal goals, needs and self sustainment…

Question is…how much havoc can a society wreck onto individual humans…before it starts wrecking havoc on itself?

The war against human sexuality, is a war against nature…It’s a war against humans being human.

If a child’s sexual behavior is so “unnatural”…then why is it so frequently happening, all over the planet?…Why do we talk about it so much?…Why are there so many programs to address [ie: punish] it?…Why is so much of the “sex offender” register made up of them?…

…It is quite perplexing that so many children would do these things by their own choice, if it were not part of their nature…Isn’t it?