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Seth MacFarlane: social media is too politically correct…

Date: February 08, 2016

01) Seth MacFarlane: social media is too politically correct

“Speaking on Real Time with Bill Maher. Writer, comedian and singer Seth MacFarlane discusses whether the Oscars really are too white when films like 12 Years A Slave won awards despite some of the voters not watching it, and he talks about the pros (a voice to the voiceless) and cons (issues such as Justine Sacco losing her job because of a joke that some on Twitter decided was racist) of social media.”

So honest…So true…There is way to much political correctness in this world…

…And it stands in the way of clarity, decency and good sense.

Psychology Test – Are You Normal?…

Date: February 08, 2016

01) Psychology Test – Are You Normal?

“Psychology Test – Are you Normal.

Dr. Breeding, Ph.D. psychologist discusses the concept of normal. Mental health is defined in terms of normal by psychology and psychiatry. If you don’t fit into the box, you might be labeled with mental illness. If you too happy you are manic. If you not happy enough you are depressed. If you concentrate too much you are compulsive. If you don’t concentrate enough you have ADHD. If you think about sex too much you hypersexual. If you think about sex too little you hyposexual.”

So much parallel, with the state of pedosexuals…where you are socially “wrong”, by default…and ordination.

This practice…of screening people, and finding nobody fit, or well off…or okay…

…It brings me back to one of my fundamental complaints about the sex abuse industry…

…No matter what, where, who and how…so long as at least one variable happens to be “just so”…they always end up at the exact same conclusion…and calling for the same general response.

I would begin to have some level of trust in them…if they did not always end up at the same conclusion…

…That fact, alone, proves to me that they have no integrity…They’re just following a pre-ordained script.

Pedophilia 101 at Cornell…

Date: February 08, 2016

01) Pedophilia 101 at Cornell

Old article…and a gem, for the names of people and writings it drops…and the viewpoints it summarizes [less the propagandist slant].

“One recent offering, however, has crossed the threshold from the merely absurd to the potentially dangerous.

The syllabus for “The Sexual Child” reads like a veritable who’s-who of pro-pedophilia academics and activists. Among the authors presented in the course are Theo Sandfort, formerly on the board of directors of Paidika, a pro-pedophilia magazine based in Amsterdam; Daniel Tsang, the author of AIDS Taboo, purports to deliver an “academic” analysis of pedophilia; Pat Califia, a self-proclaimed “sexual outlaw” and author of the essay “The Age of Consent: The Great Kiddy-Porn Panic of ‘77” and the book Macho Sluts; and Havelock Ellis, author of “The School Friendships of Girls” and a reputed eugenicist.

Other materials in the course include the pro-pedophilia book Child-Loving, the essay “The Hysteria of Child Pornography and Pedophilia,” For a Lost Soldier, a German film about the relationship between a twelve-year-old boy and a Dutch soldier, and Sally Mann’s photographs of naked children. Students are enlightened with such lectures as “The Child as Sexual Object and Sexual Subject,” “Big Bad Wolves,” “Loving Children,” and “Having Children” (for which one of the readings is Nabakov’s Lolita).

English Professor Ellis Hanson, the course instructor, defends the course’s content. “The erotic fascination with children is ubiquitous,” he tells Campus Report. “One could hardly read a newspaper or turn on a television without feeling obliged to accept, study, and celebrate it.” The course is designed, in his view, to “undermine preconceived notions about what a child is, what sexuality is, and what it means to love or desire a child.” He says that the course is balanced in all areas of its treatment of the subject, with the goal of “seek[ing] to complicate our understanding of child sexuality and our rather limited strategies for interpreting it.”

One of the best known readings in the course is Gayle Rubin’s “Thinking Sex.” This article advances a pro-pedophile agenda within academia by appealing to the familiar catch-phrases of identity politics. “[T]hose whose eroticism transgresses generational boundaries,” the feminist anthropologist writes, are not to be judged or condemned. Rather, these “different sexual cultures” are to be celebrated as “unique expressions of human inventiveness.”

Her stated goal is to construct a “radical theory of sex” that “must identify, describe, explain, and denounce erotic injustice and sexual oppression” that so victimizes “the community of men who love underaged youth.”

“Contemporary sexual politics,” she writes, “should be reconceptualized in terms of the emergent ongoing development of this system, its social relations, the ideologies which interpret it, and its characteristic modes of conflict.”

Prof. Hanson, however, disputes any suggestion that the course is an effort in propaganda. The course attempts to “interrogate received opinions, not reassert them. . .


[Ellis Hanson] also adopts and extends to pedophiles the view of the radical feminist and homosexual movements that gender and sexual practices are merely “constituted in society and history, not biologically ordained.” Hence, pedophiles are merely misunderstood and oppressed by society. She complains that “boy-lovers are so stigmatized that it is difficult to find defenders for their civil liberties, let alone erotic orientation.


Sexuality “is organized into systems of power,” according to Rubin. These “reward and encourage some individuals and activities, while punishing and suppressing others. Like the capitalist organization of labor and its distribution of rewards and powers, the modern sexual system has been the object of political struggle since it emerged and as it has evolved.”

The result is that “sex shapes institutions,” and so societal conflicts about sex mirror the other social struggles of the day: “The modern sexual system contains sets of these sexual populations [i.e., homosexuals, transsexuals, pedophiles, and other sexual deviants], stratified by the operation of an ideological and social hierarchy . . . the [sex] law buttresses structures of power, codes of behavior, and forms of prejudice. At worst, sex law and sex regulation are sexual apartheid.”

She concludes that “sex is taken all too seriously” in our culture and that laws outlawing pedophilia represent “erotic hysteria” and are ultimately “foolish, unjust, and tyrannical.”

I’m guessing Michael Capel was none too enthusiastic, about this course…But why should these people’s experiences, viewpoints and knowledge of the issue not be included in such a course?…They were, after all, some of the leading, knowledgeable authorities on the topic…And every bit as important, they had the guts to fiercely speak truth…even in the face of extreme pushback.

Indeed…why shouldn’t such a course exist, in every college and university?…What are people like Michael so afraid of?…that people will consider another human beings life experience, and begin to think outside of the box?

It’s hard to beat reality and truth back into the closet, once it’s escaped and the majority have had a chance to really look at it.

I wish such a course had been available to me…

…Sometimes I wonder…if the writings, media and insights of BoyLovers and Girl-Lovers online, will ever make it into similar courses of the future…

…A lot of it honestly deserves such a fate.