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Twitter’s ‘Trust and Safety Council’…

Date: February 12, 2016

01) [Internet] WTF is Twitter’s Trust & Safety Council?

“Twitter Trust & Safety Council….just one more way that Jack Dorsey has lost control of the social media platform, and proof of its inevitable demise. Which sucks, cause I love twitter.”

02) Announcing the Twitter Trust & Safety Council

03) Members List

“We’re committed to building a safer Twitter.”

Now…believe me…I’ve seen and experienced some extreme, messed up behavior in my time online…including on Twitter.

…I’ve personally been told I should join ISIS, and rape goats…amongst other things…I’ve also seen unedited footage, of a man being murdered [presumably by an ISIS terrorist], via a chainsaw to the neck…That one, was aimed at another MAP [Minor Attracted Person]…And there are quite a few blatant pieces of propaganda, dehumanizing MAPs and calling for our violent murder [amongst other forms of violence]…It’s openly available on Twitter…

…So, even though I’ve grown accustomed to living in a world, where MAPs are not a protected class, and where we have to grow thick skin and distance [numb] ourselves to the savage world around us…I’m all to aware, that dehumanization, death threats, terrorism and torment is running rampant [including on Twitter]…and there really should be something done about it…If Twitter is a business of integrity, then they should focus on cleaning this problem up…

To be clear…I make distinctions between people who are simply disagreeing with MAPs [and expressing a contrary viewpoint]…as opposed to those who either explicitly make, or strongly imply, any threat of injury against a MAP…or those who are just gratuitously abusive, dehumanizing, libelous and defaming towards MAPs.

Simple conversation is free speech…Actively attempting to torment another human being [including MAPs], and stifle their ability to communicate and associate freely, is not any form of free speech…and it deserves no protection, anywhere.

I can appreciate the strong stance Twitter has taken, against people using their venue to abuse and threaten others.

…I do get a bit uneasy about it, however, when we start seeing the formation of community councils…who are going to brainstorm, and come up with community rules and standards…

I’ve seen enough online resources go down the drain, when “the right thinkers” seize control…and decide they are “the new sheriff in town”…and it’s never a pretty picture.

…I’ve suffered a lot of down right mean abuse and discrimination at the hands of administration [at major, online resources most people take for granted]…all for thinking outside of the box, and expressing myself accordingly…for being truthful and sincerely honest…For being a pedosexual, who is completely human…

…I don’t much care to see anything that looks or sounds like thought police, cropping up on resources I have a long history of using…

Twitter, itself, has been decent to me so far…And it’s been six or seven years, I’ve been with this website…Aside from a few screwballs, there really haven’t been any serious problems…And I think I’ve been just about as model a Twitter user, as one could hope to encounter…Plus, the service and community connection I’ve found on Twitter, is valuable to me…So, I don’t want anything messing that up…I’ve put a lot into my Twitter account, even if it is an offshoot of my blog. It’s an important resource to me.

Alex Jones Attacking Bernie Sanders…

Date: February 11, 2016

01) Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Is A ‘Hardcore Commie.. Like Mao Zedong’

“[February 02, 2016] Alex Jones spoke with InfoWars reporter Richard Reeves about the upcoming Iowa caucus, with Reeves saying he’d “love nothing better than to see Bernie Sanders take a victory here in Iowa”

02) Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Voters Are ‘Scum’, Should Have ‘Jaws Broken’

“Last week, InfoWars broadcaster Alex Jones went into yet another rant about Bernie Sanders, alleging that the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate “wants us to live under the heavenly socialist-communist system like China.”

How can anyone at all, take infowars.com, Alex Jones and anybody who associates with him seriously…

inforwars.com has proven itself to be a group of abusive, vitriolic sociopaths…It is a hate organization…and I would suggest, it even borders on being a terrorist resource…They are certainly antagonists.

No…I am not suggesting that they be imprisoned, or stopped…But lets call a spade a spade.

…These are not good people, with good integrity…They are honestly quite creepy and nasty…They lie and distort…That is their legacy…lies and distortion…and getting people conditioned to fear…and anger.

The people of infowars.com have no real answers…They never have…They are just part of the social problem.

It’s going to take far better people than those at infowars.com, to correct the many ills of this world…

infowars.com…rest your ignorant, malicious mouths…and step aside…Your staggering lack of sanity and integrity has dismissed you to irrelevance.

Nancy Grace Demolished In Pot Debate…

Date: February 11, 2016

01) Nancy Grace Demolished In Pot Debate

“Published on Jan 28, 2015

Nancy Grace tonight revisited one of her passions: loudly decrying how dangerous pot is to the public based on several isolated incidents. And this time, she ended up sparring with her fellow HLN host, Dr. Drew Pinsky over cases where people ingested pot cookies and then something horrible happened…”

This moment captured on video, summarizes Nancy Graceless well…Though I know there are video clips out there, which emphasize this woman’s psychotic vitriol and incompetence even more starkly. I’m guessing the only reason they let this woman have her own show, is because of the circus freak aura she brings with her.

I’m half expecting her to bite the head off of a chicken some day, on live television…Or for her entire head to spontaneously pop [like a festering pimple], due to the immense pressure going on in her brain.

…Stop being so angry at the world, Nancy!…People like you commonly drop over dead from heart attacks, relatively young…It’s going to kill you, one of these days.

You, of all people, should be in favor of legal marijuana…It’s just so clear…You need a fat doobie…badly.

02) Anti-Weed TV Host Destroys…Herself?

“Published on Jan 22, 2014

HLN host Nancy Grace has been ranting against the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington so this mashup of her previous arguments that directly contradict her recent statements on the issue is a must-watch”

Nice Addition: The Dumbest Thing Ever Said About Weed