Alex Jones Attacking Bernie Sanders…

Date: February 11, 2016

01) Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Is A ‘Hardcore Commie.. Like Mao Zedong’

“[February 02, 2016] Alex Jones spoke with InfoWars reporter Richard Reeves about the upcoming Iowa caucus, with Reeves saying he’d “love nothing better than to see Bernie Sanders take a victory here in Iowa”

02) Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Voters Are ‘Scum’, Should Have ‘Jaws Broken’

“Last week, InfoWars broadcaster Alex Jones went into yet another rant about Bernie Sanders, alleging that the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate “wants us to live under the heavenly socialist-communist system like China.”

How can anyone at all, take, Alex Jones and anybody who associates with him seriously… has proven itself to be a group of abusive, vitriolic sociopaths…It is a hate organization…and I would suggest, it even borders on being a terrorist resource…They are certainly antagonists.

No…I am not suggesting that they be imprisoned, or stopped…But lets call a spade a spade.

…These are not good people, with good integrity…They are honestly quite creepy and nasty…They lie and distort…That is their legacy…lies and distortion…and getting people conditioned to fear…and anger.

The people of have no real answers…They never have…They are just part of the social problem.

It’s going to take far better people than those at, to correct the many ills of this world……rest your ignorant, malicious mouths…and step aside…Your staggering lack of sanity and integrity has dismissed you to irrelevance.

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