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Debunking Spin: Bernie Sanders IS Electable…

Date: February 14, 2016

01) Debunking Spin: Bernie Sanders IS Electable & YES, He Can Get Policies Passed When We Stand Together

“Published on Feb 14, 2016

A video for viewers asking about how to address the fears of their family and friends who would like to support Bernie, but have been intimidated by the fear-mongering of the corporate media. Tearing apart the lies and explaining what PEOPLE’S movement is actually about…..perception change and personal responsibility.

Video on Electability from Sane Progressive – poll links in this video description:


New Hampshire Results – Sanders Outperforming ALL in New Hampshire Primary:



And Now, A Note From Twitter…

Date: February 14, 2016

01) And Now, A Note From Twitter

“A resolution, of sorts, to my ongoing Twitter suspension and a look to the “Trust and Safety” future.”

Note: MykeruMedia is not someone I follow closely, yet seems to have a decent head on his shoulders. He got suspended from Twitter.

I’m not going to post much more, related to the Twitter “Safety Council”…But I wanted to feature this, because of the reference to Allison Shea, and Perverted Justice…

…Of course, their bankruptcy was an apparently intentional move…as the three principle owners gave themselves six figure, yearly salaries…and suspended all activity…They literally drained the considerable capital of Perverted Justice [well in excess of one million dollars], into their own, private bank accounts…They forced their ship to go down…apparently because they wanted the money for themselves…Which puts into perspective, their true commitment to child safety.

…They took the money, and exited the scene.

Admittedly, with as much underhanded activity as Perverted Justice was involved with [they were a brazen hate group, after all…and they didn’t even hide this fact, online]…it was only a matter of time, before all that capital would become an attractive target for justified lawsuits…

…I think they primarily disbanded Perverted Justice, to make it harder for anyone to sue them.

But, maybe that’s too generous of an interpretation…and maybe they did just want to have all that green, for themselves.

Point is…looking past the fact that Perverted Justice had trashed it’s own integrity…and anyone digging deeper into the group, would see this…as to their public persona amongst the majority, they were looked upon as heroes…And there was no practical reason, to bring something so well established and known [something they worked so hard to establish], to a screeching halt.

They knew they’d established their fundamental character…They knew they were headed towards the edge of a cliff…They knew they’d at least have to change vehicles…So, they ditched Perverted Justice?

…But they are still the same people, who have done all these scummy things.

…It wouldn’t be the first time, Perverted Justice abruptly brought one of it’s malicious projects to an end…or even lied about [concealed] the reasons why.