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Ring of Fire – Episodes 244 & 245 (FULL EPISODES)…

Date: February 17, 2016

01) Ring of Fire On Free Speech TV | Episode 244 – Fight, Elizabeth! Fight!

“Published on Feb 16, 2016

The surge of Senator Bernie Sanders can be traced back several years, but not from Sanders himself – the source of the surge is from Senator Elizabeth Warren who helped make the economic plight of American citizens a mainstream issue…

Neuroscience tells us that the brains of conservatives and liberals are wired differently, and Republican politicians are exploiting the differences to win elections – we’ll tell you how this is happening…

And Mitch McConnell is confident that his Republican minions in Washington will do absolutely nothing this year – we’ll bring you the details in tonight’s backstory…”

02) Ring of Fire On Free Speech TV | Episode 245 – Of Primaries and Politics

“Published on Feb 16, 2016

Tonight, we discuss the primaries. Which candidates are looking good heading into the bloodbath that will be the 2016 election?”

This series [Ring of Fire] has become too much work.

When I first started sharing this series, it was an episode a week, in a nice, tight package.

I was watching this on my Roku…Then I’d find the episode on their YouTube channel, and share it every week…And it was wonderful.

Then they switched to four episodes a week, but they kept their quality up…So, I put in the extra work [even creating a unique template for these posts], and stuck with it…

Well…something went terribly wrong with their Roku stream, and for every fifteen seconds of watching, you had to wait another sixty seconds of buffering…Their stream was unwatchable.

I started watching them directly on YouTube, but then they became too lazy to even publish entire episodes as one video…They started only publishing segments, and making it harder to figure out where each episode begins and ends…

I abandoned sharing this series, at that point…which is a shame…But they turned something great, into way too much work.

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