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M.A. Voice: Issue 05 – February 18, 2016…


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Date: February 18, 2016

01) Ben Kirssen: Pedophilia: What does it feel like to be a pedophile?

02) slvrspun: The value of pedophiles.

03) Edmund: Review of Oscar Browning by Ian Anstruther

04) kabouter: The Land of the FEER

05) kabouter: The land of the FEER #2

06) Roamajous: YOU ARE NOT ALONE message

07) Brett Matthews: And On That Day, I Knew What I Was

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Other Issues

RiC David : …About Paedophilia

…. Many of the things expressed in this Sub-Blog, I’ve addressed any number of times over the years. I don’t wish to analyze every video, etc., but I do find it valuable to share these kinds of video, etc., even if I disagree substantially with any of it…It’s important to acknowledge and embrace, that there are people out there, who are engaged in levelheaded discussion about “pedophiles”. – Steve

Date: February 18, 2016

01) RiC David : …About Paedophilia

“A paedosexual man or woman is somebody who is attracted to prepubescents. No person chooses what they’re attracted to, this is a self evident truth. A person can only choose what they do and what the vast majority of paedosexual men and women do is absolutely nothing. Most are attracted to adults and have normal relationships, most who are solely attracted to children have no sexual relationships. The remaining minority do engage in sexuality with children and those are the only among them who become visible to the public eye.

I believe that *everybody* should be judged by their actions and by the content of their character. What pervades in our society today is a misplaced hatred aimed at anybody with the unchosen attractions instead of only at those who abuse children.

We stopped hating the mentally ill generations ago and we smugly pride ourselves on being better and more evolved than our recent ancestors but we are not. We *only* see these things in hindsight, most of us at least. Many of us call paedosexuals mentally ill and yet still hate them, even maybe wishing suffering or death on them, because they have this mental illness. And I’m not talking about people who have abused children, I’m talking about those with the sick, disgusting, fucked up, perverted attraction towards children. Does that strike a chord? Disgust is the reason such people are maligned, pure emotion – the same emotion that drives homophobes to say the same thing about being attracted to your own sex. “But gays don’t hurt children” and neither do the vast majority of paedophiles.

Do most people know this?”

On a personal note…I greatly appreciate his genuine acknowledgement, of how we typically get boxed into social expectations [get a girlfriend, get married, have children, etc, etc.]…when those expectations wont even work for us.

It doesn’t happen to me a lot, anymore…but I cant tell you how many times, I’ve gotten tired of rebuffing people’s attempts to set me up with someone…And having to decline, without even safely being able to explain why…and the kind of tension this can cause, over time…as it repeats itself.

I also get tired of it, when people think I share their sexual attractions…and they point out things [like a woman’s body], expecting that I’m supposed to get just as excited as they are…and it puts me in a place, where I either have to fake interest or come off awkward.

…Or there is the other annoyance, where they jump to the conclusion that I’m a closeted gay, and secretly into men…

When they keep poking around at these personal issues…it’s invasive…And I’ve never invited any of them, to probe my private attractions in a public setting…I’ve only ever offered [and agreed to do] this type of dialogue, in an anonymous setting…and separate from my professional life…They have no right, to put me in that position…I would never do that to another person, because it is dangerous territory…And I’m at an extreme disadvantage, because the playing field is not level.

On that note…If you know anyone who just isn’t seeking relationships…please respect their boundaries, and leave them alone. It’s fine [maybe even great] to try being their friend, and attempt building their network of friends…But it is not your concern, to get them laid…And you don’t need to be worried, about what turns them on.

Private matters are private matters…Sometimes, they are best left alone…You don’t know what you are tearing open, or what you are exposing someone to, when you keep digging into their private psychology.

If they don’t offer it to you willingly, in a face to face discussion…then leave it alone.

What’s sad, is that a lot of people are just trying to be kind friends…and they care about you…But they don’t comprehend your differences…because to them, my difference is unthinkable…It’s not something that even crosses their mind.

…That’s a problem…This should not be such an “unthinkable” sort of thing…It should be accepted, as just how we are…And people shouldn’t be trying to pressure us, into conforming to be like them.


Sub-Blog Archive

David Icke 2015 | Paedophilia…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: February 18, 2016

01) David Icke 2015 | Paedophilia

“David Vaughan Icke is an English writer, public speaker and a former professional footballer and sports broadcaster. He promotes conspiracy theories about global politics and has written extensively about them.”

One thing that is clear…is that we have another celebrity shyster here, in David Icke, who has found an audience to exploit…This is clear, when reading the comments…

…We see things like “The guy can be a bit nuts and also right you know?”…”Sado paedo”…”institutional pedophilia”…”Masons”…”luciferian”…

…and opinions to the variety of “I am also very surprised that David isvstill alive and kicking, as usually to be so open about such a subject is almost a personal death wish, I am very glad that this is not something that these bits of dirt are prepared to stick their necks out for”…”The reason Mr. Icke is not charged with slander is because the people he’s talking about know he’s telling the truth and don’t dare put themselves in the position to have to prove him wrong . They would fail dismally.”…”I DONT LIKE CONSPIRACY THEORIES IN GENERAL, BUT AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE SAID SO FAR.THERE ARE 60 HOUSES IN MY STREET , AND THINK PROBABLY 30 % are peadophiles.”…”most ‘conspiracy theories’ turn out to be truths later on, so we need to stop demonizing people who uncover crap.”…”I’m tired of people not doing their homework, expecting everyone else to do it for you. You want to be spoon fed and when you’re not you call people wackos…Two little kids told their stories and got called liars”…”David is fucking right, 90% of powerful politicians are evolved or running rings of pedophilia in the world…I hope they all die”…”as a kid my life was terrifying”…”the main problem is that majority of people hasnt got capacity to contemplate on the scale David Icke does. then not to look stupid they try to abuse or in other way to humiliate person whoes views are way ahead present times. so whoever want to say and critisize this man please look at yourself first”…”don’t think sadists are not in positions of power”…

…And that’s just a sampling, from this video’s comment section…

To be fair…there are some very sound, critical comments, also…

…”I’d prefer to see evidence rather than wild unsubstantiated accusations. Most of this stuff doesn’t even make sense. It’s just a rambling mess. No facts, no identified victims. If Icke wants to stand up for the children, why isn’t he taking legal action against the abusers?”…”I can’t say I am a believer if Icke’s because he has zero proof. No evidence. Nothing.
I can’t stand the idea of anyone hurting a child, but I know I have yet to see him show any type of evidence”…”listen to Icke – he takes a long time to not actually tell you anything – it sounds like he is going to tell you something really important but never gets to anything – yes he names people but has no real evidence”…” he was on live TV, he is a joke, and a 3rd hand person with so called knowledge, as NONE of the stuff he talks about has actually happened to him, he hears stuff from like 4 or 5 or more people down the line makes a book out of it every year…if this shit happened why does he not have 1st hand experience, he never has 1st hand experience with anything cuz nothing has happened to him, so he hears about things and writes books about it and does conferences and gets shit loads of money”…”He was a BBC Employee for 5 years, he didn’t find out about Savile until he left, yet accused everyone else who was working there when he was of covering up”…

…But, I trust you get my point, when I say there is an audience out there just waiting to gobble up what Icke is selling…the fanatics who “just know it is happening”, but they need someone like Icke, to give voice to their belief…otherwise, they have utterly nothing to substantiate themselves.

Looking at other things Icke is involved with…of course, “Satanism” comes up along side pedophilia…We see “Reptilians”…”paranormal experiences”…

The thing about the audience Icke has decided to exploit…is that once you get in front of them, and start attacking certain classes of people [who they are conditioned to hate, and believe awful things about]…there is very little, or nothing, you can say about the targeted class, which is seen as going to far…or as unbelievable…On the contrary, it feeds directly into their phobia of such people…And they just accept it, uncritically…even when what is being said, is so outrageously unfeasible…even when common sense, should make them know better.

…I’m not trying to imply they are all stupid idiots…But there is, clearly, something fundamentally different about the way they perceive, and their path of reasoning…which distinguishes them from those of us who comprehend, when something does not come off right…or when it will not stand up to the acid test.

The social issue of pedophile phobia, is an excellent one to illustrate how easily human psychology is manipulated…and how easily people can be controlled, through fear and anger.

Of course…David Icke is part of the cottage industry, which has risen up around pedophile phobia [and gone mainstream]…Many of us refer to this as the sex abuse industry.

Another Video: David Icke Reptilians Will Attack

Forgive that I’m not dissecting Icke’s words…There is a lot there, and I’m not up to it today…

…I just wanted to articulate and share, a few observations about shyster followers…

The shysters overwhelmingly disqualify themselves…and even more so, when you do a little bit of research on them…Anyone should be able to see this…

…The deeper question is…why so many people don’t dig deeper…and what psychological [emotional] need in them is being filled, by uncritically believing the shyster.

People are not deserving of trust, just because they wrap themselves in the banner of “protecting children against [largely unsubstantiated] child predators”…It’s the easiest thing to represent yourself a white knight, as a tactic to deflect serious and necessary criticism…

…Question is…why are they deflecting, in the first place?

That is not the hallmark, of an honest person.

A Few Observations Regarding the First Video:

a) David seems extremely eager to believe reports of a wide reaching network and conspiracy, based upon one account…as he describes it, in his own words. Apparently, he does not realize how elaborate a presentation can get, even when given by a dubious source.

b) George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney…Bill Clinton?…Yeah…”pedophiles of recent history, have been holding the most powerful position in the world”…right.

This is one of those sexual superstitions…It never sets right with me…because it bolsters this whole insane idea, that “we pedophiles are everywhere, deeply embedded in every hierarchy…and we have great power in this world [which we use to torment, and achieve sadistic ends]”…

Reality is, of course…we are amongst the single most disenfranchised people on the face of this planet…Yet, we get treated like we are behind some type of incredulous, global conspiracy.

Based on such false presumptions about us…we get treated as though we somehow “deserve” the vicious hostility, directed against us.

c) Even if we were to set rationality aside, and accept these accusations as true…I want readers to contemplate this question…

…How exactly does this “hidden network of sadistic pedophiles” effect, or even relate to, your average “pedophile”…when the net sum gain to your average “pedophile” in all of this, is utterly nothing…except having to live in a world, which holds hyper levels of hate, threat and vitriol towards them? How are we “empowered” or “benefited”, by any of this?

Many of us “pedophiles” would be leading the charge, to bring such an organization to justice…if it were ever substantiated, that such a group even existed.

We only suffer gravely, from this likely fantasy.



Cart O’Graph: The Evolution of Minor Attraction…

Date: February 18, 2016

01) The Evolution of Minor Attraction

“Published on Feb 15, 2016

Sorry about the delay. I hurt my throat a couple weeks back, and then I procrastinated with getting this out. Until last night.

This time, I talk about my thoughts about evolution. I could talk for hours about evolution and not repeat myself once. I skipped way too much, and simplified other things too far. I think I’ll do this again, but far longer.”