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“How Socialism Will Come to America”…

Date: February 20, 2016

01) How Socialism Will Come to America

“Published on Feb 18, 2016

Professor Gerald Friedman, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), says that Bernie Sanders is offering a kind of “New Deal liberalism.” not socialism. However, he says Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) is destined to fail and will have to be saved by more government involvement and intervention, leading to the destruction of private health insurance companies. Then, Sanders’ “Medicare for All” or single-payer plan will become a reality. He says Obama and his advisers knew that his ACA plan “would not control costs.”

You may recall that I once stated, Cliff and Jerry occasionally put on a decent episode…Well…I think, over all, this episode counts as a worthy watch.

It’s a bit disappointing, at the very end…and the way they title and describe it, is misleading…but the actual interview, is a decent one.

Oh…and Cliff mentions talking about Bernie Sanders in the past…but what he really means, is that he has a past of dragging Bernie through the mud…There is only one other, very recent, episode…where they remain level headed…Unfortunately, the interview was quite boring…in my opinion.

But this episode…it’s nice to see Cliff and Jerry posing questions [objections, really], and getting good responses to them.