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Date: February 27, 2016

01) Channel 4’s Paedophile Hunter ‘peed on ex’s clothes’ in revenge video

02) WATCH: Channel 4 TV star pees on ex’s clothes in grim revenge video

03) SELF-proclaimed Paedophile Hunter, ‘Stinson Hunter’ has been seen in a video to urinate on clothing belonging to his ex-girlfriend in a recent video.

04) [Twitter Tweet] Unheard conversation between myself & Stinson Hunter cuts out as he goes to attack me.

A Hodge Podge Quote [bits taken from both articles 1 & 2]:

“In the shock claims, Kirsty says self-proclaimed Paedophile Hunter, Stinson Hunter, should not be celebrated since he urinated on her clothes in a revenge video.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Kirsty tells how the pair got together in 2014 when she was 19 years old, and more than 10 years Hunter’s junior…

…As soon as we moved in together it went downhill…

…The couple continued arguing constantly and Stinson, real name Kieren Parsons, frequently lost his temper…

…He tried to cut all ties with the real dad – if I even got a message from him he would kick off majorly…

…He is the most manipulating person in the world…He even threatened to kill himself and would make me feel guilty all the time…

…After a time, Kirsty decided she couldn’t deal with Stinson’s unpredictable behaviour and told the television star their relationship was over….

…I know he was really paranoid all the time, he accused me of cheating a lot – but I never did as I never left the house…

…Stinson Hunter, who’s real name is Kieren Parsons was educated in Tamworth. That’s not his only link to Tamworth Schools though; he was sentenced to 10 years in prison after setting fire to the cloakroom in Wilnecote Junior School in 1999 at the age of 17…”

A message to Kieren:

Okay, Kieren…I thought about setting down and recording a message to you, but it’s not in the cards for tonight…Just let me share one or two bits of wisdom, human to human.

For as long as I’ve been out here actively doing what I do [which is one hell of a lot longer than you have been doing, what you do]…I came to realize years ago…that the loudest, most forceful and demeaning zealots who target people like me [minor attracted]…are ultimately running from their own grocery list of demons…And their bashing, tormenting [whatever], of people like me…is really a diversion for them, which they throw themselves into…because they don’t want to go through the pain, the work…the difficulty, of setting their own lives back in order…Many of them don’t really even know how to go about such…because they are just as lost and bewildered, as anybody else who this worlds social order fails to work for.

For most of you…you’ve been train wrecks, looking for a place to happen…The only thing people like me [who are quite rightly fed up with your type, and your abhorrent behavior] need do, is give you enough time to reach that point…and be there to witness it. Most of you just self destruct, unless someone else with the ability intervenes…and stops you from destroying yourselves, and hurting others.

There is no shock from me, that all of this is coming out, Kieren…I had you pegged, a long, long time ago.

A shallow and petty person would crow about this…But I have never in my entire life, taken joy in watching even people like you self destruct. The only real “up” side that I see, is that…hopefully, when it happens…you’re no longer in a place of power, to hurt other people…and you’ll never be able to return, to such a place of power.

Next…I notice you’re well into biological adulthood…and you’ve been in a relationship with a 19 year old…While I understand and agree, there are some cultural differences between the UK and the USA, as regards to age of consent…and that this may be viewed differently, depending where you are at…I think it’s relevant to point out…if you were in the USA, you’d find yourself familiar with a couple of terms…”robbing the cradle”…and “barely legal”.

It used to astonish me, how some of the most ruthless people to attack people like me…were themselves, quite happy to take their own sex lives right straight up to the line of social acceptability [even legality]…thinking nothing of the hypocrisy, and hiding behind the retort that “it’s legal”…as though, somehow, the strict letter of the law exempted them.

I’ve often thought, it makes them all the bigger scoundrels, myself…But…

…A lot of you end up attracted to, and going for, many of the same young, youthful features in a sexual companion…as the very same people who you target and attack…And truth be told…while I cant conclusively say that “you” are a pedophile…I can say that a lot of people like you, would still be using the same “it’s legal” retort, if it were legal for you to take a ten year old to bed…or a twelve year old…or a fourteen year old…

Many people in your position, have turned out to be self hating pedophiles…who never came to terms with themselves.

I find it more than a little bit disturbing [and grinding on my nerves]…that “you” have factually lived an existence…outwardly putting yourself forward as someone who fights, the exact same sort of thing which you have become, yourself…someone who keeps, manipulates and torments a young person, in the midst of your own admitted mental illness.

…It would be simple and trite, for me to tell you to “get help”…So, I wont…

…Understand, though…there are a few commonalities that we share…and keeping a young person manipulated, under my thumb, has never been one of those things…

…I do understand, living an entire life as an outsider…I understand mental illness…I understand chronic battles with suicide…I also understand the maddening frustration, when a social structure is not there to work for you…but it only keeps you locked out, and works to trip you up, seemingly at every step…I understand the utter bleakness…and staring into the abyss…I know what it is, to psychologically crack and alter…It is what has stripped away my resistance, and my fear over my own safety.

This world is not designed to work for us outsiders…Which is why it needs us, to fix it…It is not going to fix itself…We [outsiders and outcasts] are the only ones who bring the necessary insight, which can bring about genuinely positive change [with regards to the myriad of issues, which impact us].

I don’t care what you think you know about me [if anything, at all]…Truth is truth…and I’ve always striven to spread truth, in this world…because personal integrity means everything to me…and the world does not benefit from lies and distortions…quite the contrary, lies and distortions are injurious. Not all truth is easy…but we all need to learn to realize, when we are witnessing truth…and we need to learn how to embrace truth…When we know that, we can teach others how to embrace truth.

I will never trust you…I don’t believe you could ever earn my trust…We will never be friends…But I do recognize a tormented soul…which is what is making me pause, right now, and write all of this.

I hope you get past what all is holding you back, and that you become a better human being…I don’t have any simple answers…and I’m genuinely sorry for that…

…None of us deserve being birthed out into this world, and having to fight and face all the crap we have to contend with, just to survive…but that’s life…It’s all about pulling ourselves back up, every time we get knocked down…The day we cant, is the day we die…And to quote one of my favorite lines…”The only thing we say to death is, ‘Not today’…”.

If it’s any consolation…It’s only us outsiders and outcasts, who bring the most deeply meaningful, and necessary, changes to this world and society…Our place in life, is to fight to bring things back into balance…because we cant live with things being this badly out of balance…Near as I have figured…that is our true calling in life…It’s what replaces our satisfaction in, and ability to secure such things as [for example] a conventional profession…What meaning does such a thing have, if you’re not vested in [but, instead, disowned by] the world you seek such a profession…right?

I leave you with this one bit of wisdom…

…The most important thing that any of us can do in this world…is treat those who enter our lives, for any period of time, with empathy and compassion…everyone, from who we live with…to who we pass by on the street. This says everything about us, and what we bring into this world…If we are good to others, then others will be good to us…This is where social support structures come from…And we don’t get there, by being a true shit towards each other.

It is a privilege for us, to have others in our lives…It is a privilege for us, to have others who care enough about us, to make time in their lives for us…

…The most foolish thing we can do, is squander that.

More Links of Interest:

05) The urination video [another source]

06) A small snippet of Stinson’s anger. Our Christmas tree turned up for my sons first Christmas and he wasn’t happy.

07) Facebook: Stinson Hunter Uncovered

08) His own response on his own Facebook page [drugs, mental breakdown, blaming his former girlfriend, etc.]

09) Same as above, but on YouTube

10) My Story: Living with Mental Illness. [He admits to being mentally ill]

11) Part 1. Stinson Hunter conversation.

12) Trashing Hotel room after a sting vidme

This one is a curious [and revealing] video from Kieren’s past, which was discovered when people started doing some research into who he is, and his past.

I remember seeing this one, and thinking it very strange…as it looked like he was maliciously trashing a hotel room [presumably, one he had rented], for no apparent reason…while a friend looked on and laughed. There was no deep description accompanying the video, that I can remember…and the original video disappeared, once Kieren started getting famous…and he knew we had discovered these videos…and these things [including the Minecraft incident, where he was harassing a young boy on Minecraft, in a malicious way] started becoming a liability to him…and his potential career as a “paedophile hunter”.

I’m not sure why his face is blurred out in this copy, but I suspect it’s to shield the video from a takedown notice [from Kieren, or his friends]…He was really scrambling to put this cat back into the bag, roughly a year back.

I just thought I’d include this here, to further attest to Kieren’s personal character.

His malicious, sociopath nature is nothing new.



2 thoughts on “Stinson Hunter Meltdown…

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      LOL!…Yes…He is…

      …and an arsonist.

      And, fine…yes…he paid his due to society…

      …But he never learned from it, and remained a social menace.

      It leads me to the conclusion, that he still has some rough conflicts in his future.


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