Compliant Child Victims: Confronting an Uncomfortable Reality…


Date: March 01, 2016


02) Compliant Child Victims: Confronting an Uncomfortable Reality [by Kenneth V. Lanning (CAC Consultants) (FBI, Retired) PDF]…

To much rhetoric here, for my taste…but, I agree with Brett Matthews, that there is worthy information presented here.

a) “The idea that child victims could simply behave like human beings and respond to the attention and affection of offenders by voluntarily and repeatedly returning to an offender’s home is a troubling one.
For example, it confuses us to see the victims in child pornography giggling or laughing.”

Oh…I bet many people do find this confusing…Mainly because they don’t understand that children have sex drives, and a sexual appetite, too. We’ve brainwashed this out of our collective, social consciousness.

Of course…when we stop lying about the circumstances, or refusing to acknowledge what is factually going on…It becomes much more clear and easy to understand…

…But it takes people [and cultures] of uncommon integrity, and uncommon honesty, to do just that…Sadly, we don’t seem to have many of those in today’s world.

b) “Although cases with these elements certainly exist, when adults and children have sex, lack of “consent” can exist simply because the child is legally incapable of giving it.”

I appreciate it being clearly spelled out, that charges and conviction are ultimately based on the law failing to recognize any right of a child to consent to sexual activity…just like I’ve been saying for many, many years…It’s all about the law…not the objective circumstances…

…Which is a severe problem, and why the law is such an abominable ass, in so many of it’s end results.

c) “Understanding this is especially problematic for the public (i.e., potential jurors) and professionals (i.e., physicians, therapists) who lack specialized training in criminal law and may not rely on strict legal analysis. The sad reality is, nonetheless, that such victim behavior does have significance in the perception of society and in the “real world” of the criminal justice system.”

Translation: Prospective jurors [the people we expect to put away the perverts], run the danger of thinking, believing and reasoning too broadly, to successfully carry out “our” social agendas.

d) “Society’s lack of understanding and acceptance of the reality of compliant child victims often results in the following:

1. Victims failing to disclose and even denying their sexual victimization.

2. Incomplete, inaccurate, distorted, even contradictory victim disclosures when they do

3. Lifetime of victim shame, embarrassment, and guilt.

4. Offenders being able to have numerous victims over an extended period of time.

5. Ineffective prevention programs that not only do not prevent victimization, but also make the first four problems worse.”

Translation: Because you don’t think the right way, and you’re not on the same page as us…you’re providing for cracks in “our” public surveillance…and not helping us sniff out every sexual deviant…And, my goodness…unapproved sexual relationships might blossom, and thrive…right along with the sexual superstitions we spread about them…We cant have that, now can we?

e) …

…We finally start getting into some decent discussion…

There’s some very interesting [and important] stuff touched on, here…Some is sound, even…and it may be worth reading.

This is one of the problems with reading content produced by enemies of sexual freedom…Even when they are honestly analyzing issues, it’s as though none of it ultimately makes any difference at all…Their focus, and end intent, always dismisses the positives, and spins all information to conform to their own, negative narrative.

In their minds…no interpreted positive factors, can ever be ultimately positive…There has always got to be some unclear [or unsubstantiated], underlying thing, which forbids anything in these cases but injury.

…If you understand sadvocate speak [sadvocate = zealoted ideologues who are self professed “advocates”, active more to push an agenda, than to actually help people]…and you can separate the fact from fiction…it may be worth your time to read this.

…I’m not going to analyze this entire thing…maybe someone else would like to do so…

…But, I did want to share it, here.

Addendum: The more I read, the more I am realizing that this is an important piece of reading…despite what deep cognitive and empathy deficiencies may exist, within the originators of this document.

…Thing is…it’s more of a backhanded way, of acknowledging various things, people like myself have been writing about for decades…or even centuries, if you want to get into history…

…Or, worse…it’s them acknowledging that it exists…agreeing they understand it exists…and maybe even explaining how it exists…but also telling us all they don’t care, and they are going to continue doing whatever they please, to whomever they ensnare.

…To my mind…that is straight up evil.

My apologies if I went off on to much of a tangent…But these specific kinds of publication releases, typically force you to have to understand how the writer thinks about the subject matter, on a base “gut” level…and look past their very heavy bias, in order to honestly understand what is being shared…and how it is being slanted.



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