Rule of Thumb…

Date: March 08, 2016

01) Question

“Is the reason why non-abusing pedophiles aren’t united in calling out their less-than-stellar brethren the same reason why most blacks aren’t in any way united in demanding better behavior from that percentage of them that gives them as a whole a bad name?

I guess it could be that, because we go through the same struggles, even if we don’t resort to such depravity, we can understand how someone can go off the tracks and commit some horrible crime against a child?

It’s like we are afraid to be against ANYONE who is remotely like us, even when they are obviously not in a consensual relationship…”

Rule of Thumb…

…Wherever the facts of a case are left unclear…abstain from making any judgment about it, or the people involved.

But, here are a few more thoughts…

a) I’m sure a lot of us don’t really like focusing on those aspects, because we feel like we are already drowning in a world of pedophile phobic negativity, all around us…and we don’t really want to add to it, and the atmosphere it promotes.

For some of us, we try to stay focused on the positive when describing “pedophilia”…because that’s just what is so badly lacking, in it’s presence and representation.

b) Many of us hate the infighting, and the divisions it causes…And this topic can be a minefield.

…All the same, I can name at least one former BoyChatter, who was thoroughly condemned here, upon discovery of his actions…actions which led to fifty [or sixty, I don’t remember] years in prison.

There are a few people who have passed through BoyChat, and who are now in prison “for life”…and they don’t just deserve to be there…they need to be there.

The case [or two] I am talking about are so clearly indefensible and wrong…that even if we understood what the social pressures have done to them, as individuals…nothing could excuse what they did…It was a betrayal of the very concepts and ethics we promote here.

…They said one thing out in the open…then did something entirely different, while in hiding.

c) We can condemn a lot of things done by “pedophiles”…but does it have any true meaning, when our sources of information are so debased from objectivity?

I’m tired of reading news stories about “pedophiles” who’ve been investigated, tried and sentenced…and never even being able to figure out, what in the heck happened…What are we expected to condemn?…Whatever happened, is normally hidden behind euphemisms…terms that cover a myriad of activities…

…and I would not condemn all of those activities, nor consider them in any way equal to the worst inclusions.

We so rarely get a clear cut case…where we can say, “that was just wrong”…Not to imply they don’t exist…but…

…It’s nearly always felt like blindly shooting in the dark, to me.

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