Propaganda: Mom Finds Pedophile Symbol on Child’s Toy…

Date: March 20, 2016

01) Mom Finds Pedophile Symbol on Child’s Toy

“A mother was shocked to see that on one of her daughter’s toys there was a symbol that is secret code for pedophiles. The company has apologized, and said they had no idea that’s what the symbol stood for. Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston (ThinkTank), and Francis Maxwell (TYT Sports) hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

Were you aware this symbol was used by pedophiles? Let us know in the comments below.

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“A vigilant Florida mom discovered a symbol on her child’s toy truck that led to a massive recall.

Nicole O’Kelly bought the pink truck for her 2-year-old daughter at a Monster Jam event in the Tampa area. At first, she didn’t think much of the heart symbol on the back of the toy. But her older daughter, a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fan (and seriously smart cookie), noticed the symbol from the TV show and told her mother immediately.

According to Slate, the symbol, a heart surrounded by a larger heart, is a secret code for pedophiles. It signals that a female child is ready to be trafficked for sex.””

“The symbol, a heart surrounded by a larger heart, is a secret code for pedophiles. It signals that a female child is ready to be trafficked for sex.”

This is one of the more asinine things I have ever heard an outsider claim about any of the MAP symbols.

The symbols represent MAP communities, themselves. They reference an orientation, held by an individual MAP or a group of MAPs.

…I’d like to ask any onlooker, who is capable of thinking, comprehension and reasoning…how in the heck, this symbol is supposed to be connected with any child [girl, in this case], as some advertisement that “this girl is available to be sex trafficked”?…

…What?…Do you suppose the kids are running around wearing these symbols, in hopes of prostituting themselves?

MAP symbols [and I explicitly reiterate they refer to MAPs (Minor Attracted People), not children in general] have no message, in relations to sex trafficking.

…I at least thank Hannah, for pointing out this false information to the best of her ability.

…And Cenk…anyone can find explanations of our symbols, on official websites…if they bother to look for them…The symbols are not really any kind of secret…We are just not terribly well known, as established social groups and demographics…Hence, ignorance dictates that most people don’t know much of anything about us…It’s pretty straight forward, honestly.

…In the absence of widespread sound knowledge and information…shysters, like those behind “Law & Order SVU”, can create their hatchet job, propaganda…and put it out there for fans to gobble up…without an ounce of critical examination…

…It’s beyond sad, that “this” is the whole celebrated, heroic accomplishment…Someone was fed propaganda by an entertainment show, raises a stink and causes a completely meaningless spectacle over it.

I think it’s been fairly well understood by those MAPs who’ve been around for a while…that we will find our symbols used by other people, in various settings. It’s just one of those random things in life. Our symbols [or very similar ones] can be conceived, or borrowed, by other people.

…Are we expected to sue them?

…And Francis…No, you are not expected to lack understanding of our symbols…You are perfectly free, welcome and invited, to familiarize yourself with our symbols and the legitimate meaning behind each one…just as free, welcome and invited, as everybody else on this planet…

…Again, none of this was ever really a secret…The whole idea that it ever really was a secret, is just nonsensical, spooky propaganda.

…Just for your information…the BLogo [BoyLove triangle] has been around for decades…The GLogo [the symbol on the toy], I’m not entirely sure how old it is…but it’s at least a decade old…and it probably isn’t that much younger than the BLogo.

“Can you imagine being part of a shittier community?”

…Cenk…No, you are not entitled to be judgmental…but since you’re going to run off in that direction, anyway…

…A vast many of us don’t actually have sex with children [or teens]…Much of what we do, has to do with peer community support…and standing up for ourselves, as human beings. A lot of our activity, consists of discussion [and raising awareness] of our social issues…And, a lot of it is also just a supportive, community fellowship [which we honestly cannot get any place else].

Is there argument for the abolishment of Age of Consent law, and defense of the concepts, principles and ethics surrounding adult/child/teen sexual relations?…you bet…But the conversations in our community, go all over the place…and touch on many, many topics…Further, you wont find many who believe that sexual relations involving minors, should take place outside of a social structure of transparency and accountability.

…If you’re going to attempt talking about us, then don’t do so from a place of ignorance.

…The MAP community, is not a shitty community…It’s the best damn community on this planet.

…Do not talk about bubbles, Cenk…Your own bubble is very large, and can be easily burst.

Most of us see clearly how the world really works…We are forced to be far more self reflective and mindful, than your average person…and you wont get a more honest assessment out of anybody else.

…And, please, Cenk…stop with the sophistries…It’s just painful, watching you erect all these straw men.

…These symbols are not part of any “weird, creepy cult”.

…And I don’t get exactly what it is, you people seem to think is at stake here…or what horrible thing was allegedly avoided…These symbols are not voodoo…If something bearing one of our symbols finds it’s way into a child’s possession, it’s not going to have an adverse effect on them.

What’s going on in this “news” story, is nothing more than ignorant panic.

4 thoughts on “Propaganda: Mom Finds Pedophile Symbol on Child’s Toy…

  1. leonard sisyphus mann

    As you say – how on earth is this logo supposed to function?

    Does it send out a signal to all paedophiles in a 5 mile radius whenever the child is feeling frisky and in need of a cuddle? Or is there something about its design that makes any child who looks at it develop intense and uncontrollable sexual yearnings for adult males?

    How do paedos keep track of which children possess these toys and where they live? Wouldn’t they have to follow the parents home after they’d purchased the toy? Or do the toys contain gps transmitters? That wouldn’t be hard to ascertain surely – and since it’s not mentioned in the story we can presume they don’t.

    I’ve recently become more and more interested in whether our condition and the madness we live amidst is amenable to being treated satirically. But as so often Reality provides its own satire – this story shows how hysteria reduces people’s reasoning capacities to those of a clogged lavatory.

    It would be laughable if the consequences of such ignorance weren’t so terribly apparent.

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    Indeed…To many people hear the word “pedophile”, and their mind shuts down…and they retreat back into these cliché stereotypes. This “news” story, is not newsworthy at all. It’s just a sad accounting of heavy paranoia going on in a few people’s heads…and their rather sad outburst over it…

    …and it’s about what contrived propaganda can make people do.

    As to the satire angle…I’m certain there is a massive source of inspiration out there…And it’s just another one of those things, I wish I [or somebody] would have worked on for years, building up a massive encyclopedia of content…

    …Of course, when it comes to satire…even if we are laughing at ourselves, people like you and me can understand it…and the many reasons behind it…But outsiders are conditioned to be mortified and disgusted by it…So, it will be lost on many.

    Truth be told, and at this stage in the process…the satire approach is primarily for internal use, amongst the Child Love and Teen Love communities…to help build community pride, galvanize people…and educate about issues.

    Probably about seven or eight years ago…I decided that I wanted to make a movie…I picked out a name for it…and it was going to be a satirical account, of an outraged person…what today is called a social justice warrior…who gets offended over something ridiculous, and goes on a witch hunt. I even purchased two editions of Anime Studio, because I was just that serious about it…and I wanted to start expanding on my media projects.

    …If I’d have started this when I first took up blogging, I’d have likely blazed through it…because that time period was a flurry of effortless creativity for me…I hate that I’ve not been able to recapture what I had back then…The movie never got off the ground…

    …I’ve been flirting with Lego stop animation, as an idea for my new medium…but, my eyes have gotten so bad…I don’t know if there is any real hope…and I’m not sure how well it would be received.

    …I’m fighting insurmountable odds, to the last breath…damn it. 🙂

  3. leonard sisyphus mann

    We need to start producing satire because mockery and laughter is the most subversive form of attack we can make on our enemies – and it’s an very effective way of communicating ideas without them having to be explicit.

    I’ve been working on something – it’s a bit low-key and quirky – I don’t know if people will ‘get’ it, but it’s been a hoot writing it – I don’t know whether crying with laughter at your own jokes is a good sign – I fear it may be a bit like everyone liking the smell of their own farts…

    If I don’t lose my nerve between now and then I’ll be publishing it in a couple of days on ConsentingA̶d̶u̶l̶t̶s̶humans.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      When doing satire, we’re always kind of stepping out there and taking a risk…Sometimes it shows a side of us, which might alter people’s opinion of us [and not in the ways we want]…and sometimes, comedy does not always communicate like it was intended…There is also a delicate balance, between being funny and being mean…and a lot of humor deaf people, just wont be able to distinguish.

      …No matter what you do, there is always going to be that one or two people [even from within our own community], who judge and rebuke you for it…because some people think we should be “straight laced” in every aspect…and that mocking people who chose to be our enemies, “is just making us bigger targets”.

      I welcome it, though…and have a history of it, on BoyChat…

      Sometimes things and people are so ludicrous…all you can do is laugh at it.


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