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Billboards, Brainwashing, Justice and Jared Fogle…

Date: March 24, 2015

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02) Sex Offenders Can Be Nice Guys: How Making Jared Fogle a Monster Encourages Abusers

03) TTA Podcast 264: Billboards, Brainwashing, Justice and Jared Fogle

“Published on Mar 22, 2016

Callers submit their own comments and questions for this show. We highlight the proposed “Genocide & Incest” counter-billboard to The Ark Encounter’s grand opening. And we spend more than half of the show discussing the recent prison beating of convicted sex offender Jared Fogle and the proper response(s) to the violence carried out against him. An interview with Sarah Morehead caps the broadcast.”

Thank you to @bluemonkey228 for the heads up on this one.

A few comments on Sarah Morehead’s article:

I appreciate her stance, that violent assault is never okay…and I am in solidarity with that.

I would like to add to the conversation, by pointing out that being labeled a “sex offender”, does not automatically mean that a person is sexually violent.

I noticed that exemptions were being discussed…like drunks caught urinating…teenage streaking…and “Romeo & Juliet” affairs…All sensible comments…But I sense this persisting notion, that essentially all else falls under sexually violent behavior…and hence deserves to be persecuted.

…At the very least, can we come to the understanding…that a lot of what is presently sexually illegal, is not sexually violent [as in mean, cruel, injurious, disrespectful, etc.] by nature?

…Because this is one of the ugly little truths about sex laws, and “sex offender” registers…They are designed so broadly, as to ensnare people who are half a step too far left or right, of whatever is thought to be the median of sexual behavior…A lot of people are talked about [and treated] as though they are dangerous, because their sexual etiquette doesn’t align with the majority…But this does not mean that they are [or have ever been, or ever will be] factually dangerous.

…To an alarming degree…sex laws have always been about enforcing adherence, to a rigid social structure…They are about forcing people to behave sexually, in very narrow ways…while alienating people, from their own natural sexuality. It punishes people, for not having sex in the few socially ordained ways…And in a very sincere way, it can be argued that sex laws constitute a form of institutionalized rape, against many, many people…including sexual minorities.

Now, mind you…before anyone runs off on a tangent with that last paragraph…I do make distinctions between mutually consensual activities, and ones which are forced onto another person…So, I’ve never argued [nor bought into the notion] that someone who gets off on violently raping another person, is entitled to do such…because the violent rape is part of their orientation.

…In order for sexual relations to occur…there must be two consenting partners, who are there and involved for their own reasons and satisfactions.

Sex offender registers are overwhelmingly meaningless…not just because of all the peeing drunks, streaking and “Romeo & Juliet’s” who end up on them…But because still a lot more people who end up there, were never even sexually violent [or dangerous] to begin with…They are there to be shamed and socially diminished, because their sexual leanings and behaviors are politically incorrect.

…A list which claims to protect the public from violent predators, should never be used in this way…It should not be some heinous tool, for social engineering and social control.

Many of the so called “predators” who end up on these dubious lists…are not predators at all…They’re just people unlucky enough in life, to have gotten a target painted on them by some righteous, moral crusader with power [or at least connections].

That needs to be understood by everybody…and it needs to be addressed.

A few responses to commentators:

“But people need to BELIEVE that sex offenders are irredeemable monstrous predators that can never be trusted in public again, because they will (supposedly) ALWAYS seek out new victims. It’s -important- to them, no matter what the facts show!”

Exactly, my astute friend…It’s the Cult of Crotch Politics…That underlying widespread obsession, with what everybody else is doing with their own naughty bits…or even just thinking about doing, with their naughty bits…It must marginalize and stamp out the sexual heretics, after all…The ignorant are oh so threatened.

“Do you think someone who had sex with his 14 year old girlfriend when he was 18 is a dangerous offender or is the person who has been in and out of prison for assault, domestic violence, cooking meth and dealing it to kids the dangerou offender. Because guess what, there is not “list” for them.”

Another astute observation…

…Before I came to the discovery that such a vast range of people and behaviors [including ones which clearly are not dangerous or violent] were ending up on these lists…I used to naively believe that people made it onto these registers, because they were sexually violent predators by true definition. After coming to realize that these lists are also used to round up sexual undesirables…the illusion that these lists were valid, fell on it’s face…and it’s never regained credibility with me, because things have only gotten worse.

One of the most damning things about these registers…and the people behind them…Is that they go on and on and on, endlessly…about what “predators” these people are…about how devastating their behavior is…about “murder of the soul”, and all this aggressive emotional manipulation [even over things which were mild, positive or even just ridiculous]…forcing hyper protection on steroids, down everybody’s throat…Because they wont tolerate “violent predators” anymore…

…And it’s all focused on the sacred cow of human sexuality…while there is this myriad of other demonstrably violent, deadly behavior…stuff that dwarfs almost anything your average pedophile could ever get up to…But there’s no clamoring for a list of violent sociopaths, no matter what they did…so long as they avoided everything “sex” in the commission of their violent, deadly crime.

Something much deeper is going on in this explosion of horror over sex offenders…Because if it were all about protecting the innocent from violent predators, they’d be all over the common thugs, the murderers…hell, even the verbal abusers…But, no…There’s not much interest, in dealing with these stark, rampant forms of assault…Real violence gets a pass…overwhelmingly.

If you ask me…”sex offender” registers are largely where the puritanical moral elitists, transferred and concealed their lingering wrath against sexual minorities…If you cant do your malicious bigotry in the open…just start labeling those you hate “sex offenders”, and treating them as though they’ve done something heinous [even when they demonstrably have not].

“Some actually feed off being labeled as a Monster, or a Freak, or Dangerous. By dehumanizing others, we dehumanize ourselves in the process.”

There are important truths in those words…

Several decades of exactly that dehumanization and alienation, are what have galvanized me into taking a strong stance of condemnation, against the common ways in which MAPs [Minor Attracted People] and other humans are abused today, for the mere “crime” of having a human nature.

As to The Thinking Atheist podcast:

…There is still some stuff, which aught to have a response…some of it is rhetoric…and just wrong.

…But, I do see the host is sincerely exploring the issue…and trying, within his knowledge base, to be balanced.

I leave that response to others.

Okay…the “nice guy” facet…and the implication that “they have to act this way, in order to get access to children”…This has got to be responded to.

My buttons have been getting pushed a bit too hard…and when this FBI propaganda came up, I could not remain silent any longer.

Being a nice and decent person, is not in conflict with being a pedophile [or a MAP of whatever orientation]…Many MAPs are just very nice, decent and giving people, who believe in being socially responsible and helping others. Being a MAP, does not invalidate their true nature…Nor is it a mask they dawn, just to get at the kids.

You might find some rare sleazebags who do that, sure…But I will not have my own character [nor that of many, many wonderful MAPs I’ve known over decades] sullied, or called into question, just because anybody supposes “it was all an act”.

…That’s just another stupid sexual superstition, aimed at MAPs…”Everything they ever did, was all aimed at getting sex.”

…It’s a load of crap…and it’s just another part of the dehumanization of MAPs.

I appreciate that they’ve identified the nuance.

“Violence against violent offenders”?…

…Again, many “sex offenders” are not violent.