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New Bill Could Create “Suicide Tourism”…

Date: April 14, 2016

01) New Bill Could Create “Suicide Tourism”

“Doctor-assisted suicide is a controversial and complicated issue. It is becoming legal in Canada, and the Canadian government wants to make sure it doesn’t become a destination for “suicide tourism.” John Iadarola, Kim Horcher (Nerd Alert), and Cara Santa Maria, hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

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Read more here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canada-physician-assisted-death-law-1.3535193

“Doctor-assisted death will be restricted to mentally competent adults who have serious and incurable illness, disease or disability under new legislation tabled in Parliament today.

The long-awaited bill also sets out safeguards to protect vulnerable Canadians, but does not include some of the most contentious recommendations from a parliamentary committee, including extending the right to die to “mature minors” and the mentally ill, and allowing advance consent for patients with degenerative disorders.”

#Feminism, #BlackLivesMatter and the Failure of #Humanism…

Date: April 14, 2016

01) #Feminism, #BlackLivesMatter and the Failure of #Humanism

02) The Article

“Dear humanists, please pay attention. Signed, other humanists.”

As a long time humanist…I’ve found myself very put off, by this trend of some self identified feminists [and other kinds of activists] deliberately putting themselves at odds with humanists…in ways which are patently dishonest.

“I see something so much deeper, than the rest of you blind people!…Therefor, your life philosophy is invalid!”

…A lot of this haughty arrogance is coming from very young people…who’ve not given the first consideration or care, to that fact that humanism is commonly a place of arrival…based upon a long life of experiences and learned empathy.

Humanism has nothing to do with seeing color, or social class…when realizing individual human worth.

Those factors are variables in everyone’s life…They are not dictations, on who is worthy of better.

…I’m really very, very tired…of this modern trend…where people are constantly trying to out do each other…and the “next wave” of activists always has to find fault with the previous, and “be better” than them…Which usually means they have to be more outrageous and ridiculous, than all who’ve preceded them, where it comes to what they focus on…and how they fight for it.

…It’s led to an insane mess…Activism is a sorry joke, anymore.

There isn’t much philosophy and practice left in this world, that is literally new [as in “never done before”]…And people need to stop fooling themselves, into believing that they are “the new pioneers”…Or that they are here to pull the world into a “new enlightenment”, which it desperately needs…

Humanism is as solid a ground, as you could ever stand on…period…

…If you find fault with this…I’d suggest you seriously need to re-examine your own outlook on life…and your ability to comprehend…and your ability to engage honestly, in dialogue.