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ARM at the “Untouchable” screening at the Tribeca Film Festival…

Date: April 22, 2016

01) ARM at the “Untouchable” screening at the Tribeca Film Festival

“Tom Madison of Oregon Action Committee and Derek Logue from Once Fallen took a bite out of the Big Apple and watched the much-hyped film “Untouchable,” playing at the Tribeca Film Festival.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Tom gave it a 6, I gave it a 4.9. I found the film to be lacking in criticism of the Book family an catered to the Books. Tom found it somewhat valuable because Ron Book makes an ass of himself.

David Feige himself stated his intent wasn’t to “talk solutions,” and he felt the message of ARM was “too harsh.” in the end, the film fails to deliver some hard-hitting truths. On the upside, a number of researchers were in the film (Jill Levenson, Eric S. Janus, and others), and last year’s Rally in Tally does make an appearance, albeit in an incomplete form that stressed the Book family rather than our message of reform.

Quite frankly, it wasn’t worth the $25 I spent to see this film.”

Who Owns Our Bodies, and Especially Our ‘Naughty’ Bits?…

Date: April 22, 2016

01) This Week in Stupid (17/04/2016)

A good bit of insight here…and highly applicable to what I’ve been writing [and talking] about, for nearly two decades.

Many of us who live on this planet, know no other life or existence…where the government is not entirely lording over us, and imposing itself even on the most personal and private of levels…

…Plainly stated…the government wont get the hell out of our bedrooms, our pants, our underwear…our heads…our associations…It behaves, as if it held domain over our personal bodies…And it dictates all of “our” options to us…with limitations, that do not exit in the objective, real world.

In all honesty…it has no natural right to any of this power…nor to the domination and manipulation it imposes…Yet, there it is…Most people are broken and submissive to this institutionalized bullying…and fearful they’ll bare the brunt of the backlash, should they take any meaningful stand against this abuse.

As to the video content…I don’t want to confuse issues, as I know some people have trouble with nuanced conversation…

The anal sex being discussed here, is amongst young people…which includes teenagers and young adults…This is not concerning young, small children…And I don’t wish to merge the two issues [older anal sex and adult on child anal sex], in any way…They are very, very different issues, which should not be looked on as equivalent.

All the same…it’s interesting to see these acknowledgements, that [at least trying] anal sex is becoming more common place…and a lot of young people are open to it…and some people are, predictably, freaking out over it.

While I’m on this topic…I should say that I’m not a practitioner, nor an advocate, of anal sex…I respect other people’s rights to mutually explore, and find out what works for them…But I don’t encourage anybody to do this activity. Anal sex is happening…It’s happening a lot…Therefore, I acknowledge it as part of human sexuality…That doesn’t mean I’m a fan of it, myself…I just believe we’ve moved past the point, where it’s acceptable to believe we are doing something good, when we choose to ignore [or censor, or drive underground] parts of human sexuality…Doing such has always been disastrous, from what I’ve seen.

I think it is spot on, when Sargon says this is all about control, and other people’s sexual hang ups…

…That describes probably half or more of all politics, and government born aggression.

Correcting Misinformation is Not Censorship…

Date: April 22, 2016

01) Correcting Misinformation is Not Censorship

“Bizarrely, libertarians seem to think that academic rigor amounts to censorship.

Petition to end social justice in universities: https://www.change.org/p/universities-suspend-social-justice-in-universities

Even though I’m not big on signing petitions, there are some good points here…and a stumbling point.

What is wrong with the state dictating acceptable and unacceptable forms of education?

…Being someone who has witnessed gross interference of the government, which literally condemned the scientific process when applied to CSA [Child Sexual Abuse] research…I can tell you that my personal faith in the integrity of the government, is entirely devastated.

Governments in the United States have repeatedly exposed themselves as being hostile towards objective facts, surrounding the [considerably broad spanning] topic of CSA…Unless those objective facts support a specific social narrative, then they don’t want to hear anything about it.

Do educate yourself on what happened with A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples, from 1998.

It wasn’t just the dog and pony show spectacle, of congress holding a vote [supported by all but one…who merely abstained from voting] to condemn this research…they also severely cut the federal funding, to the university which allowed this research to happen…Which has had very far reaching effects, on handicapping objective research on CSA, childhood sexuality, pedophiles, hebephiles, ephebophiles…all human sexuality, existing within certain parameters.

When it comes to social engineering and maintaining status quo…the U.S. government is known to get extremely vicious and dirty…This is an established fact, on display, out in the open…It is no longer up for debate.

…So, while I would not think the government is likely to be bad on all issues and subjects of study…I do know that it is a very bad steward of information, and the development of cognitive skills, where the issue begins to challenge widely held cultural beliefs, which are pushed by powerful, very well funded and aggressive groups with a social agenda.

…This is the point where a lot of good science dies.

The point is…the U.S. federal government has grossly interfered with the scientific method being used, where it comes to anything characterized as CSA.

There is nothing at all wrong with the scientific method…But when this happens, it’s an integrity issue of the government…and it shows why the government is not welcome, here.

Beyond that caveat…I agree with the message of this video.

You know what just dawned on me?…

…They’ve been using Social Justice Warrior tactics against “unwanted sexuality” [and the groups involved], all along…

…It’s just that we are now, finally seeing it fan out into many other, more mainstream areas of social life…and a lot more people are being bothered and effected by it…and they don’t like it, when imposed upon themselves…

…They finally see it as bankrupt of integrity…just as we’ve seen and known it, all along.