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As Time Goes By: Becoming ‘Desensitized’ and ‘Normalizing’ Pedophilia? (Narrated)…


Date: April 23, 2016

@enderphile1 is one of the MAPs on Twitter, who more vigorously interacts with non-MAPs. Out of all the MAPs I follow and keep on a list, Ender is amongst the most consistent to actively appear…and he’s virtually always in an exchange with a hostile [or at least non-accepting] non-MAP. I find these exchanges are quite fertile ground, for a lot of important discussion…The following, is taken from one such exchange.

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.


I am a Minor Attracted Person…a pedophile [one attracted to prepubescent people], to be specific…though I can have hebephilic and ephebophilic leanings also, in a distant and secondary manner.

I’m also close enough to the age of 50 years, to where I am comfortable telling people I’m “half a century old”…A point made, to establish I have a long track record with living this life…and with walking this path…I know it very intimately…And I know where it differs from common, public rhetoric.

“Normalizing” and “desensitizing” repeatedly come up, in the more coherent exchanges with non-MAPs…specifically, the charge that we MAPs are “desensitizing” ourselves, and “normalizing” the concept of “who we are”…and “what we want”…

While I understand it can be something of a rabbit hole, calling some things “normal” when we don’t know exactly how common they [or aspects about them] are…”normalizing” is considerably removed from that, because it implies you’re trying to make something “normal”…something that, theoretically, is abnormal…Hence, it’s the pursuit…and not the social status, of something.

I can understand how non-MAPs could think, that MAPs trying to educate them on the realities of MAPs and MAP issues, is an attempt to culturally normalize something…because non-MAPs don’t typically live with it, or understand it’s prevalence…Thing is, though…if all this already exists under the surface [and, yes, it does]…then how are we “normalizing” this, when it is already there?…By definition, it’s already a normal aspect of human culture…It’s just that people are ignorant about it.

Truth be told…many people throw out these kinds of arguments [“normalizing” and “desensitizing”]…because they’re uncomfortable, with seeing the way things honestly are…They don’t want to know…They believe they already know, all there is to know…They build this psychological wall, attempting to divide what they think is “normal” and “abnormal”…It’s largely a blind pursuit.

…Just because you don’t see and experience something firsthand, does not make that thing abnormal…And when it comes to MAPs…people who have been threatened, shamed, stigmatized and pushed so far underground, that we are forced to be invisible just to survive [and living this way from childhood onward]…a perceptive mind would think, we need to be most careful in recognizing that perception of MAP presence [and MAP behavior] is highly skewed, do to social pressures…and not reflective of objective examination.

…Non-MAPs think we are abnormal, and out in the extreme freak fringe…primarily because we MAPs have been culturally conditioned, to remain out of public sight…for fear of extreme consequence, if we don’t…And this state of things, greatly distorts public perception on how things actually are.

…To what exact extent, I cannot say…None of us can, really…not until we break the glass ceiling, and bring MAPs out into the open, where they can be legitimately seen and studied, on a mass scale.

In the absence of this…many people run rampant, with rhetoric, bile and violent threats aimed at MAPs…and in this self asserting, habitually re-affirming bubble, hostile towards dissent…MAPs are branded with the worst stereotype imaginable…And one which isn’t even valid.

I put this forward as a simple exercise in thought and reason…

…At what point in time do you suppose…that a MAP “becomes desensitized” [or “normalized”] to the feelings, and the biological process taking place beneath their own skin?

…If things have always been this way, since as far back as one’s earliest sexual pangs…when was it ever not normal for this person?…How do they “desensitize”, when this has always been an innate part of their senses?

Personally…I’ve had a relatively long lifetime of living this path…Being a MAP is not something I’ve ever had to convince myself of…It’s just always been there…It’s not a question of whether I wanted it to be, or not…And, no…I have not wanted the social conflict, nor the decades of social abuse…I haven’t wanted being pushed so far beyond my limits, that standing up and fighting back was all I believed I could do…

…But this is me…This is my life…And it’s the life of countless others…It’s worth knowing, understanding and defending.



Should we kill ourselves?…


Date: April 23, 2016

01) Should we kill ourselves?

“I can’t even explore if I am good with love, nor even experience a relationship because somehow somewhere people have decided that we are not allowed to question nor explore our love lives if we are pedophiles.

Why carry on living if there are people who want to spoil your party? I want to love a boy and I want a boy to love me, but I am not allowed to. Why do we accept that people tell us what to do? Then what is use of living anymore if we are told that we can’t live the way we are born to live?”

Some believe that life is really about the struggle…not about getting what we want…but just carrying on, and passing on what useful things we can.

This is, to my mind, the only way that we truly live on…and if we pass nothing on…then we simply cease, and might as well have never been born.

Every era of time needs someone to push back, and fight…I think, we are amongst todays “chosen people”, in that regard.

It’s not a happy road…but it is a critical one.

We don’t get to be happy, in our natural lives…But we do get to be very bright flames in the dark…

…We get to do, what virtually nobody else gets to do…

…We get to be pioneers…We get to cut the paths, on which the roads will be built…through which the insurmountable will fall.

Myself…that’s something I can live for.



Paedophile Hunter Returns?…


Date: April 23, 2016

01) The Paedophile Hunter is BACK! Hunting predators and raising awareness in 2016

“Published on Mar 1, 2016

After somewhat of a lengthy break away from hunting perverts and opening the eyes of millions I have decided now is the time to return to what I am best known for and continue to use my platform to continue to highlight the serious issues regarding online sexual exploitation. ”


“I’m pleased, proud & honoured to announce that i’m resuming paedo hunting”

02) An Evening with the Paedophile Hunter

April 21, 2016

“He spoke of his disdain for an attitude of violence towards the people he captures, stating that talking to them calmly “gets to them more”. But he also spoke about the incident in which he was run over by someone he caught, who later killed themselves, something he appears to be, essentially, remorseless about.”


“Stinson says he’s now out of the paedophile-hunting game…”

I’m not certain how “I’m Back!” aligns with “I’m out of the paedophile hunting business”, only a mere two weeks later…Other than to acknowledge that Kieran Parsons is an erratic, mentally ill individual…who has been left free, to wander as he pleases…or, aimlessly.

Perhaps he is finding, that “hunting pedophiles” isn’t the windfall payday, that he once anticipated it might be?

The days of “To Catch a Predator” are likely over…Enough people know just how badly that ended.

“I’m used to people not liking me. There are people out there who don’t like me, who run their little hate campaigns. [They] tried to get the theatre to cancel.”

[I wasn’t involved in that, nor do I know who was.]

…Oh dear…This gem of a quote just underscores Kieran’s massive psychological disconnect…

Kieran…You have gone to great lengths, to put yourself out there as some form of vigilante…one who dehumanizes Minor Attracted People…Anyone who truthfully cares about the issues which you claim to care about, would not be approaching this issue in the way you do…You are malicious, and appear to gain some type of personal power and gratification, from the cruelty you impose upon people…And it’s totally unnecessary…Which tells us all we need to know about you, as a person.

…You wanted to step out into the public eye, and be the bigot getting cheered on while you dehumanize MAPs, and even drive them to suicide?…

This isn’t even about you, allegedly, trying to enforce the law [even though that is not your profession or place]…This isn’t even about you, allegedly, trying to “raise awareness” to this social issue…

…It’s about you attempting to be the razors edge of a violent axe, violating our humanity as MAPs…And you get absolutely no more forgiveness from us, than do other zealots and fanatics…You want to step over the line?…I wouldn’t care if you were a cop, a prosecutor, a president or a king…Your feet will be held to the fire.

Just because the gutter behavior you are involved with is spun to be socially popular amongst some, doesn’t mean you deserve to evade consequence [and answering] for it.

I applaud Nigel, and anyone else, who stands up in defiance of your cruel bullying.

…You haven’t even begun to see true reckoning, for what you have done.

Last note…

…This backlash against people like Kieran [including quite a few others, because this is no new phenomena] isn’t just a reaction to what they are doing personally…it’s a push back, to this dangerous trend of naïve people, who think this is all funny, fun, cool, good…or in anyway okay to be doing.

This is dangerous behavior, with serious consequence…And it seriously needs to be brought to an end.

In addition to everything else…the public spectacles people like Kieran produce and publish, are dehumanizing MAPs and creating propaganda with a distorted caricature of MAPs.

…After a lifetime of living under these abusive social practices…many of us MAPs are well beyond fed up with it…and we are done tolerating people like Kieran, who believe they can do this in front of us…while outright flaunting it.

…If karma catches up to people like Kieran…no matter who they are, or what social status they hold…it’s going to be ugly for them.

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Flint Water Crisis Unresolved Despite New Charges…

Date: April 23, 2016

01) Flint Water Crisis Unresolved Despite New Charges | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

“Rachel Maddow talks with Brian Williams about the challenges the people of Flint, Michigan are still dealing with as the problem of their toxic water supply has gone unaddressed by the state of Michigan even as, two years later, criminal charges are filed by the state’s attorney general over the cause of the crisis.”