Should we kill ourselves?…


Date: April 23, 2016

01) Should we kill ourselves?

“I can’t even explore if I am good with love, nor even experience a relationship because somehow somewhere people have decided that we are not allowed to question nor explore our love lives if we are pedophiles.

Why carry on living if there are people who want to spoil your party? I want to love a boy and I want a boy to love me, but I am not allowed to. Why do we accept that people tell us what to do? Then what is use of living anymore if we are told that we can’t live the way we are born to live?”

Some believe that life is really about the struggle…not about getting what we want…but just carrying on, and passing on what useful things we can.

This is, to my mind, the only way that we truly live on…and if we pass nothing on…then we simply cease, and might as well have never been born.

Every era of time needs someone to push back, and fight…I think, we are amongst todays “chosen people”, in that regard.

It’s not a happy road…but it is a critical one.

We don’t get to be happy, in our natural lives…But we do get to be very bright flames in the dark…

…We get to do, what virtually nobody else gets to do…

…We get to be pioneers…We get to cut the paths, on which the roads will be built…through which the insurmountable will fall.

Myself…that’s something I can live for.



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