Milo Yiannopoulos denies Black Lives Matter protester special mic privileges…

Date: April 28, 2016

01) Milo Yiannopoulos denies Black Lives Matter protester special mic privileges

“…it makes me sad…And it makes me a bit pissed…And it makes me a bit angry…[…]…that I’ve got to come up here and say bad words, and shock people…and that’s the only way conservatives can start a discussion…”

I know a lot of people don’t like Milo…and I understand the nuanced reasons why…But I just had to comment on this.

I’m not a conservative…but that aside…Milo could have plucked this statement, straight out of my own writings [and I would say speaking, but I don’t think I’ve actually uploaded that one].

It infuriates me…all that we MAPs have to endure and go through…just to get a bare bones, base objective representation of ourselves into the public discourse…over even just things, which aren’t even objectively [or statistically] controversial…The pursuit of scientifically establishing fact, and the freedom to discuss established fact, can just about get you publically crucified when discussing MAPs.

I never started blogging, producing media and speaking about things, out of any desire to have fun taunting people…Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve never been into that kind of thing, and I consider such behavior to be destructive and alienating…

…My actions have come from a very long growing fury, over spending a lifetime being dragged through the mud by society…and then systematically being locked out of the public discourse…and having all entries to knowing ourselves as a MAP demographic, and bettering ourselves, hobbled and sabotaged.

I identify entirely…over having been forced to go to these extremes, when people like myself never should have had to in the first place…

I’ve compromised myself a number of times, in various ways over the last two decades…to help push this movement along.

Something is terribly broken and wrong, with society…There should have always been a safe, respectful inclusion of MAPs…We shouldn’t have to be fighting for the meager crumbs, of base human rights.

…It says everything when you are called “evil”, for including politically unpopular groups in your goal of universally recognized human rights…

…It says everything when you have to sacrifice yourself…in a fight over what any decent human being should already know by instinct, is the default right thing to do.

It infuriates me…that we are barely just now, beginning the necessary discussions to heal our society…And it’s taken such an epic struggle, just to get this far.

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