Six Central Texas men nabbed in online child predator sting…


Date: April 29, 2016

01) Six Central Texas men nabbed in online child predator sting

“An affidavit in the solicitation case says an undercover agent from the Texas Attorney General’s office, while conducting an investigation using internet websites, was contacted by suspects who said he wanted to perform deviate sexual intercourse with whom he believed was a 15-year-old girl.


The sting operation targeted child predators who utilize the Internet to sexually solicit and then travel with the intent of committing sex crimes against a minor.”

Wake up people!

…If you find someone online who claims to be a legal minor, and they are quite happy and lax about meeting you [a complete stranger they know nothing about] for hot sex…

…they almost certainly are not who [or what] they claim to be.

Now, yes…I have had it relayed to me from sources I have trusted…that some teens do put themselves out there, for sex with strangers…not unlike how gay youth were sometimes known to hang out at gay “pick up” spots [they “hustled”]…So, I am aware that true hook ups do happen…

…Thing is, there are so many stings going on these days…is it really worth rolling the dice, when the odds are unknown?…and when the consequence is so severe?

Trying to get it on with a teen [or a younger kid] via the internet, is suicide.

It’s one of the methods they are using to isolate MAPs, and take us down.

These six people are not happy, today…The courses of their lives have been radically changed, for the very grave worst.

If you are a MAP…No, these six people are not so terribly different, from you or me…

…They are you and me…they just didn’t learn to avoid the traps…or thought they were somehow invincible…

…They were not…

…None of us are.

Value and care about yourself enough, to recognize and respect your vulnerabilities in this world.

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