Social Autopsy…

Date: April 29, 2016

01) Social Autopsy

02) Social Autopsy! – Ending Anonymity Online [BAD IDEA]

“I never thought I’d see a Kickstarter worse than Anita Sarkeesian’s, but I was proven wrong today by, a website that specializes in destroying internet anonymity in an effort to protect people on the internet. It’s profoundly ridiculous.”

How is irony this stark, lost on anybody at all?

The first thing that struck me, is that “Social Autopsy” will quickly become a haven for online stalkers and cyber bullies. The only thing a website like that is likely to do, is specialize the focus…and push a particular style of thought.

It amazes me how often I’ve recognized bullying [and scummy] behavior in these sorts of SJW people…and yet they lack the self awareness to recognize this noxious behavior in themselves…or the social wedge that it causes…They are not working in any effective way, to combat social ills.

…And reposting Twitter tweets?…You’ve got to be joking.

I will never be okay with these websites, where they take isolated, short quotes from a person, and post them in a collection, entirely out of context…It’s cherry picking, from a forum [Twitter] where quick brevity is forced.

Accountability for these websites [like “Social Autopsy”] is pretty well non-existent…You pretty much have to take the drastic measure of suing them…or waiting for something extreme to happen to you, before law enforcement can get involved in any meaningful way.

It’s all subjective, how these kinds of websites want to paint a caricature of you…and it might not even accurately reflect upon you, your views or what you’ve stated…or what you’ve historically stood for.

…And who’s going to do the fact checking on submissions?…How many people are in charge of this?…How deep and strenuous is their method of investigation [as to the authenticity and objectivity of the submission]?…How many submissions a day, are they expected to investigate?…Is it feasible, to expect a vetting process with integrity?

How are they going to figure out what submissions are false?…How are they going to verify, the person making a submission actually knows the person they have reported?…How will they verify, an account being reported actually belongs to the person being reported?…Do they even have any plan in place to stop their website from being hoaxed, by submitting content alleged to be from people, who factually don’t even exist?

…This is thought policing and speech policing, at it’s worst…

At the very least…the people filing these submissions should have their names, faces and contact information published, right on the very same page as the public accusations being made…That would be only right and fair…It would strengthen accountability…Instead, it appears they get to hide behind anonymity, and throw around accusations and attacks at people, who wont even have the benefit of knowing who’s attacking them…or have any easy way to stop the defamation of themselves.

Notice how they emphasize inclusion of employers…Not a terribly subtle wink and nudge, to the modern trend of trying to get people fired from their jobs, and cut off from vital income to survive on…

…That’s one of the single dirtiest, most unhuman things I have witnessed coming out of the Social Justice Warrior movement…

…When a lot of these lemmings have to go out into the real world and survive in it…I hope for their sake, they never have an original thought of their own…If they wander onto the dance floor of heresy, life may quickly become unbearable for them in this “new world” they’ve created…

…How unfortunate it will be for them, to finally realize the staggering cultural damage they’ve done…

Social Justice is a movement which will eat it’s own [perhaps itself], and not even pause to care about it…

…It doesn’t care about the humans [who require understanding and diversity]…It cares about the ideologies, and forcing compliance to them…

…And in that last sentence, is the key to why Social Justice Warriors are so dead wrong.

Successful politics [and social relations] are always a respectful negotiation…It’s not people with a sledgehammer, beating everybody else down.

Having been a targeted victim of this kind of cyber stalking, defamation and smearing…I do have definite opinions on it…and this kind of behavior is fully wrong…There is nothing redeeming in it.

I’ve been accused [on multiple websites] of a grocery list, of entirely fabricated things…including such off the wall things as “phishing”…and such subjective things as “immorality” [I presume for discussing issues of human sexuality, and social unrest about them]…

…There are people who’ve taken my words, altered them to give them meaning opposite to my original message…and then republished them on their own website, attributing them back to me.

…All actions of impotent fanatics…who don’t have a legitimate leg to stand on, when attacking me…So they go for gutter tactics, to try and hurt me…and attempt knocking me out of the arena of social speaking.

…Trying to institutionalize this sort of behavior, and put a socially respectable face onto it…is one of the worst things I’ve ever heard of.

From their user agreement:

“You are responsible for your use of the Services, for any Content you post to the Services, and for any consequences thereof. By submitting content, you are alleging that the content is authentic and has not been manipulated in any way, as any Content you submit may become public by default and will be able to be viewed by other users and through third party services and websites.

By submitting any content you are confirming that if the content was in any way falsified, you release SA from any legal responsibility entirely. In other words, you will be 100 percent accountable for any falsified content to the full extent of the legal system. SA will cooperate fully with any such investigation, releasing your information to any inquiring authorities.”

…Do we really need to know much more, beyond this?…A totally spineless plan, to picture, name and shame people [aka cyber terrorism], while leaving others to hold the bag when lawsuits and police come knocking…Such astounding resolve…They want all the perks, don’t they?…and none of the responsibility, of standing behind what they intend to do.

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