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Is Trump Win Helping Bernie?…

Date: May 05, 2016

01) Is Trump Win Helping Bernie?

“Now that Trump has all but locked up the Republican nomination, what does this mean for the democratic side? Will it help Bernie or Hillary more?…

…“Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee following a decisive victory in the Indiana primary and the decision by Ted Cruz to drop out of the race.

Though Trump has not formally secured the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination — and likely won’t until June — there is no serious opposition left to block his path.

His victory amounts to a stunning takeover of the Republican Party by a candidate with no political experience. Along the way, he eviscerated the GOP’s most accomplished presidential field in a generation and captured the Zeitgeist of a party in which grass roots voters harbor deep ill will toward establishment elites.”

Bernie Sanders Has Been Cheated Out Of Thousands Of Votes [Truth & Comedy]…

Date: May 05, 2016

01) Bernie Sanders Has Been Cheated Out Of Thousands Of Votes [Truth & Comedy]

“Published on Apr 2, 2016

This week, Lee covers Bernie Sander’s latest string of primary victories over Hillary Clinton. His victories were not surprising, but what was surprising was the voter suppression scandal that occurred in Arizona. Turns out, someone is trying to keep minorities from voting, and it’s not the Democrats! This and more on Redacted Tonight.”

Tiny bit dated, but relevant to what’s been happening.

On Point: Indiana Primary: Trump Knocks Down Cruz, Sanders Scores Victory…

Date: May 04, 2016

01) On Point: Indiana Primary: Trump Knocks Down Cruz, Sanders Scores Victory

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Results from the 2016 Indiana primary. Does it cement two pathways to the nominations?

Donald Trump vanquishes Ted Cruz. Bernie Sanders triumphs over Hillary, who still holds a commanding delegate lead. With Cruz out a contested convention may be no more. Will the Republicans rally around Trump? And how are the match-ups looking for the general election? Top political reporters unpack it all. Up next On Point: The critical Indiana primary and where do we go from here.”

Breaking ground: being young and transgender in Michigan…


Date: May 04, 2016

01) Breaking ground: being young and transgender in Michigan

“Michigan is in the midst of a controversy surrounding transgender people’s access to public bathrooms.

It’s a hot-button issue evidenced by the nearly 10,000 people who have filed public comments on the State Board of Education’s draft of voluntary guidelines for schools to meet the needs of their transgender students. By comparison, no other proposals have received more than 40 comments.

It’s an indicator that trans people and trans issues ignite strong emotions. Those emotions can lead to fear and even hate.


“Trans people fall outside of our normative definitions for gender and sex,” says Keegan. “We have a gender and sex system with really only two options: male, female … and so if you think about how humans are naturally very diverse. There are lots of people who have experiences that fall outside of that [male/female] organization … Trans people are really just people who, for some reason or another, disagree with their assignment in that system.”

It’s not so much the bathroom issue that is parallel with pedosexual issues…but there are a number of things mentioned here [IE: representation in media], which any pedosexual [MAP] could also cite.

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