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Show Me! the Most Controversial Sex Ed Book Ever – trailer…

Date: May 12, 2016

01) Show Me! the Most Controversial Sex Ed Book Ever – trailer

“Uploaded on Mar 17, 2009

Trailer for documentary film in progress about Show Me! A controversial sex education book from the 1970s that was published in Germany and the United States but then effectively banned in America in the early 1980s.”


I have no idea if this movie was ever completed, but the guy who appears to be behind the project [WILLIAMS COLE], uploaded new content onto his Vimeo account, within the past few weeks…So, he’s still around.

I’d love to see this completed movie.

Show Me! is available for entirely legal purchase […yes…even in the U.S.] on Amazon.com…Just do a search for it…But, the prices are grossly inflated.

Just between you and me…the book is great, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do…But, it’s not really worth the money being asked for. It’s a beautiful book…though I’d only recommend buying it, if you actually have related children in your life who need such a resource.

Reference Links:

Small disclaimer: I don’t expect anybody at all, to actually purchase a copy of this book, based upon my post here. The prices are obscene, and I’m only posting this to share something interesting with my audience. If you have any interest in purchasing a copy of this book, I advise you to know your state and local laws first.

Wikipedia: Show Me!


A Few Comments:

a) I do know that there was a PDF upload of this book online, somewhere…years ago. I’d be hard pressed to tell you where it was at, since I cannot find the link.

b) One of the YouTube commentators blamed this book, for how they grew up to be sexually messed up…Which is an incredible heavy thing to dump onto such a book…and even more so, considering how they describe the sexual stigma they grew up in…and the bad relationship with their [I presume single] mother.

What they describe, is how the book made them feel…after they’d already reached [probably adolescence], in an environment where they’d been conditioned to shun and fear this sort of thing.

…I don’t believe the book is the real culprit here.

The U.S. has fashioned itself into an abysmal, dysfunctional environment…where people are conditioned to dread “sex talk with kids” so bad…that it can barely even happen, in a coherent way.

…It’s no wonder so many people in the U.S. have sexual hang ups…or they cant function sexually…or accept themselves, sexually.

We’ve been raised to hate this part of ourselves.