This is Post 1000…

Date: May 16, 2016

593_This is Post 1000

593_This is Post 1000_1000-Posts

I’m pleased to announce, that the post you are reading is the 1000th post to be published, on the wordpress incarnation of Our Love Frontier.

This is a milestone, which I felt compelled to mark.

While admittedly most of the content I share on Our Love Frontier is no longer solely created by me…and this greatly expands the volume of posting…it’s still relevant, that this blog [at WordPress] has reached 1000 posts…

…I’ve never been even close to this point, before…

…Not with In Self Defense…Not with Project C.E.L.I.B.A.T.E…Not with The Expressions Forum…Not with the past two incarnations of Our Love Frontier…

Another huge mile stone is soon to arrive…and today, I am both happy and proud, to have fought the good fight.

6 thoughts on “This is Post 1000…

  1. leonard sisyphus mann

    Keep up the great work! I look forwards to being challenged, educated, stimulated and informed by you next 1000 posts!

  2. eqfoundation Post author

    Believe me…I have no intentions of quitting…

    …I have way too much content left still to re-publish…and quite a lot that just never got published.

    So long as I am able, I will continue.

    I was going to do more regular blogging today, but got sidetracked by something going on with my old EQF website…Which prompted me to take it down, mostly [kind of sad and somber over that]…but also to finally flesh out the EQF Home Page on this blog.
    It’s starting to look like it’s old self, again.

    …Always a lot of something to do around here.

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