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Marijuana Blamed for a Homicide…

Date: May 20, 2016

01) Media Praises Wrongful Death Suit Against Pot, Says Weed Made Loving Husband a Homicidal Maniac

“On April 14, 2014, Richard Kirk — crazed, after having consumed part of a tootsie roll-sized piece of cannabis candy — murdered his wife in cold blood while the couple’s three young sons were in the home. Or, that’s what Kirk’s defense attorneys would like to convince you happened that night — that a tiny portion of marijuana candy fueled an insanity and rage so intense, the low level of THC coursing through his blood caused him to slay his wife, Kristine.

Absurd as that is, it isn’t the worst aspect of this case. In response to the allegation cannabis candy caused Richard to, essentially, experience a psychotic break, Kristine’s surviving sons have now brought a wrongful death lawsuit against two marijuana businesses — the first of its kind against the billion-dollar legal pot industry. They claim the cannabis edible “should have carried a warning label that included dosage instructions and side effects — including hallucination, paranoia, and psychosis,” as CBS News explained.

Unsurprisingly, the case has created a firestorm of controversy — and fresh accusations the legal marijuana industry has been scapegoated to excuse an individual responsible for murder.”

02) Was hubby high on pot when he allegedly killed wife?

“Colorado authorities say they are investigating whether marijuana caused a father of three to hallucinate before he allegedly shot and killed his wife Monday night in front of their children.”

…I’m guessing it’s the “train wreck” [or Jerry Springer] element…

…Beyond that, I am at a complete loss as to how Nancy Grace continues to be kept on television [or in the media].

This specific story is just sad…Nancy will grasp at anything…no matter how outlandish…shamelessly…just to keep her forceful assertion that “marijuana is dangerous” at the forefront.

She is jumping on top of this story with such fervor, almost certainly because it stokes her own bias.

Nancy is not a human being, with whom you can have an intelligent conversation…I’m convinced of that much.

I shudder to think that anybody considers this broadcast to be news…or informative…or entertaining…

As to the actual story…let’s get real…

…Maybe this guy was in circumstances at the edge…and an irresponsible consumption of marijuana pushed him that extra nudge…But you’d have to be a fool, not to believe there were things going on in that home, just under the surface…or at least in this guys head, which were highly abnormal…

…Even if it could be shown the marijuana “did it”…this would be an extreme freak case.

My condolences to the children, and other family and friends of this slain woman.