Debbie Wasserman Schultz Doubles Down On Bernie Lies…

Date: May 22, 2016

01) Debbie Wasserman Schultz Doubles Down On Bernie Lies

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz has gone on CNN to condemn the Bernie Sanders campaign. She alleges that Bernie Sanders has not adequately disavowed the supposed violent actions of his supporters at the Nevada Democratic Convention…

…“It was really just a matter of time.

With the Democratic presidential primary in its twilight, frustration within the ranks over the party’s handling of the primary process spilled out this week as Bernie Sanders supporters lashed out at party leaders, arguing that their candidate has been treated unfairly.

The public outpouring of anger began last weekend at the Nevada Democratic Party convention, where Sanders supporters who said Hillary Clinton’s backers had subverted party rules shouted down pro-Clinton speakers and sent threatening messages to state party Chairwoman Roberta Lange after posting her phone number and address on social media.”

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I agree with this video…It is shameful where the Democratic “leadership” has chosen to go.

I’d never heard of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, before this election cycle…and everything I’ve seen out of her, has been absolutely deplorable…She is an obvious, protected shill.

Based on the karma she has earned…she should be run out of office…shown nothing but the contempt she has shown towards the people…dealt a stiff kick in the crotch [by each and every person she has offended]…and sent off to a prison cell…never to be heard from again.

…a good strategy for about 90% or better, of the current crop of U.S. politicians…I’d say.

…People go on and on and on…bellyaching and crying about “pedophiles” and all the supposed [mostly fake] “problems we cause in society”…All the while, we have this real institution of people, organizations and networks, which are openly raping the U.S. in every conceivable manner…

…But, “pedophiles are the big problem”…?…

The true critical and terminal problems of this country, overwhelmingly emanate from people who identify as you “normal folk”…people you would recognize as your own.

…And those “normal folk” have sentenced your children’s future to a bleak fate, for generations…the likes of which will effect every part of their lives, for the worse…

…But, your big “nightmare scenario” is that someone may appreciate your child’s sexuality, or touch them sexually…and that they might have to learn how to reconcile what they experienced, against the bigotry shown towards such activities…

…A productive growing experience, for crying out loud…And it offends you so badly, that any child might grow and evolve stronger from it?…

…Please, USA…pull your collective head out of your collective behind…and start using it for thinking and reason.

…You are your own worst enemy.

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