Anohni’s ‘Hopelessness’ And The Power Of Speaking Out…

Date: May 24, 2016

01) Anohni’s ‘Hopelessness’ And The Power Of Speaking Out

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Anohni: Yeah, but it’s not my words that are worrying you; it’s the reality of what we’re facing, you know? And that’s what I’m trying to hold space for. I’m trying to open my heart to hold space for reality as it stands today; to try to understand what’s going on, what’s really happening, what’s my relationship to it.”

I realize the social issues being explored by Anohni are different…But some of the things she says in this interview, I completely identify with. Sometimes it really catches me, when other people summarize in words…what could easily be applied to my own motivations…through all of these years.

I’ve never striven to paint the perfect picture of “pedophilia”…only to look at it…acknowledge it…and talk about it, in the variety of ways that it actually exists in the real world…

…It’s about life as a pedophile…navigating a social world of abuse, obstacles…hardships…which most people don’t even see, or understand…most people don’t even have a clue, I carry with me…nor that I have endured, most of my life.

It’s about being real, and true to myself…and to you, the reader…about things, which are mostly out of my control…but for which I can give a reasoned context…and I can gain real life meaning, in taking that stand.

…It hasn’t been about glossing over the difficult issues…

…It’s been standing my ground, and looking every societal demon in the eyes…taking back and maintaining my own humanity, in the process.

It’s been an unapologetic journey of unflinching honesty.

So much of my writing…it hasn’t been done, with the goal of making people feel good…certainly not feel good, about the way things presently are…

…It was done, to make people look at the reality…until they recognize it…

…It was done, for those who don’t have a voice.

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