Glenn Beck Says We Are On Our Way to Legal Liberation!…

Date: May 23, 2016

01) RWW News: Glenn Beck Says ”I Guarantee You The Next Stop On This Train Is Pedophilia’

“Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, Glenn Beck says that the push for transgender equality is just the latest stop in an effort to legalize pedophilia.”

Mind you…Glenn Beck has a rather crumby sense of foretelling…And from what I’ve seen, having watched more intently over the past two decades…very few people are on what I consider to be the right side of this social issue…The groundwork is still not there…The numbers of supporters are not there…The people in government are down right vicious against us.

…I agree…many of them are old, and we are watching a dying breed of politician…while some limited roads are being made…and we are seeing some level of support, in the main population…People who aren’t afraid to be allies with us.

Maybe we will start making faster, larger strides in the coming decade…But things need to seriously turn around…

…I mean…people go on and on, screaming about how we supposedly have “pedophiles” in government, running the country…And despite everything we “pedophiles” have endured at the hands of all branches of government…with a straight face, they assert that “we control the government”…In the past three or four years, the “pedophiles” uncovered have been people like Dennis Hastert and Mark Foley…Two scumbags, who pursued their own fun in private, while coding hell’s fury into law against the rest of us…

…With so called “friends” like that…who needs enemies?

“Pedophiles” like Dennis Hastert and Mark Foley, are not our people…They have betrayed all Minor Attracted People, in this country. They are not representation of the “pedophile” demographic…They are establishment shills, who sold out on the very people they should have most empathized with.

…That’s a stark example, of what is so terminally wrong with politics in the USA.

While I would like to believe that we can see this change in the coming decade…Fact is, we need to do a tremendous amount of house cleaning in our government…which includes many of the younger congressmen and senators…The supreme court is likely to remain a mess, which haunts us for several decades…And just because laws might get changed, that doesn’t mean that the contempt, hate and phobic attitudes towards “pedophiles” will vanish from government agencies and services…I would anticipate a lot of Kim Davis clones…Because a lot of people in this allegedly “great” country, are raised to hate people like us.

Whenever this change in law is actually seen…I think whomever is alive at that time, will see something akin to desegregation in the United States south…

…As much as it breaks my heart to say this…The true social change will have to come from those of us building a positive world, into the future…While the hate will have to die, with those who bitterly hold onto it until the day they die.

We need to stand our ground, and stay the course…Hate and intolerance has never withstood love and truth, in the long run.

When we have truth and love on our side…our day is on the horizon…It is coming.

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