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My Chat with Anne Marie Waters, Director of Sharia Watch UK (THE SAAD TRUTH_105)…

Date: June 01, 2016

01) My Chat with Anne Marie Waters, Director of Sharia Watch UK (THE SAAD TRUTH_105)

“Published on Dec 9, 2015

We discuss Sharia Law, Islamic immigration to the West, multiculturalism, illiberal values, political correctness, secularism, and the recent child sexual exploitation cases in Britain, among other topics.

Sharia Watch UK: http://www.shariawatch.org.uk

Anne Marie Waters’ Twitter account: @AMDWaters

Anne Marie’s speech at the Oxford Union Debate Society: Click Here

Link to Prof. Salim Mansur’s speech: Click Here

European Union Cracks Down On Online ‘Hate Speech’…

Date: June 01, 2016

01) European Union Cracks Down On Online ‘Hate Speech’

“US tech giants have signed an agreement with the European Commission to tackle the spread of illegal hate speech online that requires them to address complaints within 24 hours.

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube adopted the code of conduct on Tuesday, committing to crackdown on the use of online hate speech swiftly by putting in place internal procedures to respond to the majority of notifications of abuse within 24 hours and remove the offending content if necessary…

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I approve of this message, in it’s entirety.

The Leftist attack on Western civilization. (Andrew Klavan)…

Date: June 01, 2016

01) The Leftist attack on Western civilization. (Andrew Klavan)

Interesting video, featuring someone with different views from my own…

I’m not going to delve into it deeply…But, I thought I’d share it, along with a thought or two of my own.

…and, by the way…I appreciate thoughtful critique of atheist culture, as well as thoughtful critique of…well…anything [including sex and intergenerational love]. My own views have diverged from popular, or dominant, views, in various sub-cultures I’ve found myself part of.

I appreciate Andrew’s thoughts on the personal relevance of religion, and what it means in that context…I reject the idea that destroying religion, is going to reign in a new era of peace, prosperity and happiness…There are to many underlying issues, inherent within the human species…Religion is just one vehicle, in which those underlying issues commonly manifest. Take away the religion, and they will still manifest elsewhere.

Address those underlying issues…and for the most part…religion will evolve, and follow along.

“Let me tell you a dirty story.”

“Sex, and everything, are…given meaning by the internal experience. Which has no material nature. It may arise out of our material. It may arise out of our flesh. But that internal experience of life, that individual experience of life, which is immaterial, ultimately…is what sanctifies our lives…all of our most important actions, without it…everything turns into a kind of pornography. Not just sex…almost everything.”

Does anyone else recognize how this goes hand in hand, with the positive philosophy of child and adult sexual relations?

The vital importance of the individual experience, and how it provides us our deepest meaning in life, is something I’ve touched on in the past…perhaps not as deeply as I would have liked…but I have acknowledged it.

Snuffing out individual experience, as is happening today against children, teens, child lovers and teen lovers [and other groups]…not only does it degrade our lives and existence…but it can have a devastating impact, on all people affected by it’s crippling imposition. Both primary targets and those collaterally damaged, realize a heavy impact…and are forced to move forward in life, with the impact of it.

…If you think this does not have a negative impact on larger society…you are naïve, or insane…

…Negative force…negative impositions…constant threat and abuse…mental conditioning, which leaves one at irreconcilable odds with themselves…

…The outcome of these things, always manifests somewhere…It always comes back, somewhere…somehow…And it always comes back, to the society which has created it…

…If you successfully cause a person to hate themselves…that hate will ingrain itself, into how they see and deal with the world…If it consumes them…then they will hate you back…They will hate the society, which ruthlessly hates and torments them.

…The tragedy in all of this…is that not everybody subjected to this abuse, manifests their response [or reaction] in beneficial, positive ways…like writing about their life and experiences, or maintaining a blog with a hopeful and healing theme…

…Many end up doing back to the world…what the world has done to them.

“Stolen or borrowed ideas”…

I think there are human realizations…which despite having debatable meanings, and debatable conclusions…are essentially universal, at least amongst those of us who are not sociopaths…

John Lennon was not a shyster, “stripping away everything that makes us human”, in the making of, performance and publication of his song “Imagine”…Nor are the people who promote that message shysters for doing so…

…He was tapping into a very widely accepted, almost universal human sentiment…”Hey…wouldn’t it be great, if we did not allow all these myriad of differences [and beliefs] in the world, to keep us divided and at hostile odds with each other?”…Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could just live and just be…without all of this over analysis, dogma and fear, creating false reason for conflict?

People suffer and die in this world…commonly for no honest, objective reason…and that should stop…People have a right to be free of that…and free of the threat of that. The world will be better off without it.

I think that was the true message of “Imagine”…and it is a profoundly wise message.

This sort of empathy, is also what makes us human…but in the best sense.

“At the center of life, is the experience of human love.”


…And when people interfere with something so fundamental, and the ability of others to realize it…they destroy people.

So many of the people responsible for this, don’t even realize what they do…nor the devastation they wreak.

“It seems to me, that possibility has been excluded…and putting it forward, is a revolutionary act. […] I live in this neighborhood…”

…This part is a beautiful parallel to my own outlook, on why Minor Attracted People must continue to speak out.

Last thought [Re: The title of this video]:

There are a lot of people who hold and promote opinions, which are disrespectful and inaccurate to the people and issues they claim to address. What is worse, still…is that this has become the norm, in a world where dogma and conflict are celebrated…Shouting down…beating down, and conquering…seizing self centered power and authority [in order to control others who are different from you], are looked upon as “virtues”…When in reality, these noxious, abusive behaviors have rotted our social fabric…and created an environment, where hostility, violence and fear are the norm.

…I look around…and on average…I see people who would far rather tare people down, and destroy those different from themselves…than to ever even consider reaching out and empathizing…dare I say, building up people different from themselves…

…This is a growing, loudly pronounced problem on the left…But it’s also been a noxious, very enflaming problem on the right…and that should not be ignored.

People from “the right” have done horrible, horrible things.

This is not a question of “the right” being better, or worse, than “the left”…

…It’s a matter of human individuals, allowing the worst behaviors and tendencies of our species to rule them…at the over all detriment of our collective.

I still hold out…that we have the capacity to be better than this…and that we can rise above our faults.

Are “the left” attacking western civilization?…

…No more so, than “the right”.

It’s the people who are attacking initiatives at human diplomacy, who are imposing the real threat.

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