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How child sexual abuse became a family business in the Philippines…


Date: June 06, 2016

Note: I hadn’t noticed or watched the video present on this page, until after I was done writing this. I was merely responding to the written article. The video does have a brief description of one account [getting naked, posing and rubbing her thighs]. If you ask me…this girl looks to be coached, and is probably responding to what the adults who have her in their custody have expected out of her. I felt it necessary to acknowledge this video…She seems like a perfectly normal kid, who’s frustrated at being taken away and kept in a strange place, away from her family. Maybe, she didn’t want to do the live streams? There’s likely better ways to intervene, than this level of response.

01) How child sexual abuse became a family business in the Philippines

Why is there no description of the activities being performed in these live streams? It’s simply being called “child sexual abuse”…So, what exactly are they doing in front of the camera?

“Children see abuse as normal

In the 2011 case, the police thought the children would welcome the operation. But the undercover agent says Nicole did not feel rescued; she felt betrayed.

“I know that she is angry with me,” the woman said.

Apart from the scene witnessed as the raid took place, police say they had a video showing the mother sexually abusing her children. It was submitted by an anonymous source from a western country who used his phone to film the abuse on his computer screen.

All six of the mother’s children – three boys and three girls – were moved to a rescue centre, a row of one-storey houses on a quiet path set back from the noise of the main roads. Trees surround the houses, and the staff have planted orchids by the path. In front of the children’s house is a small playground.

The day they arrived, the children played on the swings. Unlike others at the shelter, they showed no overt signs of abuse, their social worker explained. The staff, who had never dealt with a case like this before, wondered if they should be kept in the same shelter as other children who had been physically abused by paedophiles.”

See…This is indicative of the problem, with moral imperialists inflicting themselves onto a culture, where their ideologies and phobias are not looked upon as substantiated…And the imperialists cannot figure out, why the “rescued” people don’t want them in their lives, nor why they think they are crazy. They expect to be looked upon as “heroes”…when in reality, they just destroyed a families financial lifeline…and likely interfered with children doing something they greatly enjoyed.

…Again…why is this reporter concealing the specific activities these children were engaged in?…

…If we were told what they were…would we not be sufficiently horrified?

No child is being identified…So, it would seem a brief description would be reasonable and relevant to the report.

Truth be told…they were probably spending the day licking [and touching] each others genitals, and repeatedly experiencing orgasms…

…not something that could be construed as torture…And something it’s easy to see, why they would not only enthusiastically participate…but why they would be so angry, that anybody forced them to stop.

“The children appeared oblivious to the fact that they had been exploited and it could affect them badly to realise they were abused like others around them.”

…These “professionals” are so deluded.

They are talking about kids who were raised in such a way, that their sexuality was allowed to be experienced and developed…

…This is what happens when children are offered sexual relations…Commonly, they embrace it with much enthusiasm…This is normal

…If the child does not seem to understand that they cannot randomly engage strangers, sexually…this is more a question of teaching the child good social etiquette [and healthy practice], than anything else…

…Though, given the way these children were torn out of their normal environment, and forced to stop their regular behavior…I’d suggest that the people who took them, are most responsible for the awkward aftermath.

…You wont let them be with each other?…and you wont let them be with new people?…when they have something that they really, really, really want?

…This gets back to the whole “sexually abused children acting out”, strawman…wherein these idiots barge in on a child’s sex life, break it up…and then carry on complaining, perplexed that the children simply want to go back to their happy sex life…

…Yes…they’re not following the social mold…”so they cannot be happy”?

…A lot of these “heroes” are especially annoyed…that these children are enjoying the sex, want the sex, and are having the sex for their own purposes.

…Their prejudices are being proven starkly wrong, right in front of their faces…But they are in such deep denial, that they will never admit it.

“Directly after the arrest, the eldest boy, 16 at the time, did appear to be in shock, the psychologist Rosemarie Gonato said, but not from the abuse. “He was quite traumatised by the rescue operation.”

The two younger daughters had no idea that the abuse was anything but normal. “They said it was a business in the neighbourhood. It seemed natural to be involved in this as the other children were doing it,” she said. Police found that it was the children who first heard about live-streaming as a money maker when playing with their friends.

While the children have flourished – on the wall are photos of them, the two eldest beaming while wearing graduation hats and gowns – they are still unable, five years later, to understand the crime.”


…They have destroyed these families…done everything they can, to attempt convincing these kids they’ve been “victimized” [for sex with each other, in front of a webcam]…Yet, they are failing to successfully do such…And they cant figure out why?…The kids are described as “flourishing” in the aftermath…

…What does one even say to this degree of deranged incompetence?

A Radical Idea:

I would suggest…that these many children who discovered this opportunity, who went on to convince their parents to let them do it…were not victims at all…but conscientious pursuers, of something they were deeply interested in…I would suggest they contemplated what would happen, and decided it would be good, well before they started…I would suggest that they developed a persuasive enough argument, to convince their own parents to let them proceed…

…None of this suggests force, lack of personal desire and choice, or a likely source of personal trauma.

…I would also suggest that…apparently…sexuality is more open, in the Philippines…and that sexual activity amongst children, is more accepted…Which is astonishing, given that it is a “U.S. territory”…

…But, “they who know best” have moved in, to “correct the situation”…by inflicting senseless, extreme consequences, on people who are merely going about their lives.

Call me a perverted, idiotic degenerate, if that’s all you’ve got to respond with…

…But what I’ve expressed here, is pure honesty.

…A “news” story in The Guardian, about people who cannot figure out how human sexuality works, or why people would be angry with them for grossly interfering with their lives…

…Where do they find these clueless lunatics?

I’ve never seen the cognitive dissonance of the sex abuse industry, laid out more starkly than this…It’s utter madness.


Alan Watt: Pedophilia is the next right to be legalized…


| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files | PLEASE CLICK HERE AND READ |


Date: June 06, 2016

01) Pedophilia is the next right to be legalized

“Published on Aug 13, 2015”

Alan Watt is, basically, an Alex Jones from Canada…He just doesn’t shout, rant, rave or foam at the mouth, like Alex Jones and his cohorts do…

…But, “the sky is perpetually falling”, and Alan is there to exploit it all and spread a certain style of worldview.

Here we can listen to Alan scoffing at information he is reading in an article…because with his self appointed expertise, he “just knows better”…

…There is no prying of that mind out of it’s entrenchments.

I discovered Alan’s show [podcast] a few years back…downloaded three episodes, and put them on my iPod…I’ve listened to them several times over…

…One of these episodes I want to track down, and share on my blog…strictly because of the content talked about…not because of Alan, himself.

Alan is a fear monger…who clearly doesn’t have any real answers…A talking head, serving a market of like minds…

…He has already made up his mind, and contorts the things he finds online, to fit his conclusions…Don’t ever expect these sorts to put in the time and effort, which it takes to understand what they are attempting to talk about…They never will.

…You just get shysters like this one, who talk ten miles a minute, barraging you with content and chatter, and dictating to you “what to think about it all”…

…I didn’t bother downloading any further episodes…nor do I see myself doing so in the future.

Do notice how Alan merely reads news articles, and turns his nose up at them, only to give his own spin on things…

…What of substance does he actually bring to the table, to refute any of this?…

A big, fat nothing

Sorry Alan…You are just not persuasive to a thinking person like myself, who demands substance and objective research above chronic whining.

Another Video: Pedophile groups demanding access to your children (Aug 20, 2012):

In the interest of sharing [and letting Alan represent himself], here is a link to his website

…It reminds me an awful lot of Mike Echols website, “Better a Millstone”.

Another from April 15, 2012 (just for kicks):

“Cultural Degradation, Promotion Of Debasement, Pedophilia And Bestiality”


Bernie Sanders Goes After Corrupt Clinton Foundation…

Date: June 06, 2016

01) Bernie Sanders Goes After Corrupt Clinton Foundation

“Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders criticized the Clinton Foundation for accepting donations from foreign governments in an interview aired Sunday, calling it a conflict of interest.

“Do I have a problem when a sitting secretary of State and a foundation run by her husband collects many, many dollars from foreign governments — governments which are dictatorships?”

Paedophilia: the real statistics…

Date: May 06, 2016

01) Paedophilia: the real statistics

This video is from 2010…

…The music aside…this video has relevant information.

…In my opinion, it is somewhat weak in the section about the internet study. Self reporting, anonymous studies, while important, are always going to be heavily scrutinized and thought suspect.

…I do think they are an important step, in moving to “real world, in person” studies, however.

What’s the Real Rate of Sex-Crime Recidivism?…


Date: June 06, 2016

01) What’s the Real Rate of Sex-Crime Recidivism?

“So how close to the truth is Kennedy’s “frightening and high” assertion? “There’s no empirical evidence to support that statement,” Levenson says. “We have lots and lots of recidivism research over like 25 years … and all of the recidivism studies are remarkably consistent that the number of people re-arrested for a new sex crime is somewhere between 5 and 15 percent.”

“It is true that sex crimes are quite underreported,” Alissa Ackerman, a University of Washington criminologist who’s participated in at least two recidivism studies, writes in an email. But the idea that sex offender recidivism is high is “wildly inaccurate,” she adds. “The vast majority of people who commit acts of sexual victimization will desist from that behavior. The evidence on this is compelling and quite clear.”

“It’s, in my opinion, indefensible to continue arguing that sex offenders are at high risk to offend sexually as a blanket statement,” Letourneau says. “There’s so much evidence that counters that that I really think its unconscionable. The fact of getting caught,” she adds, “appears to be a very powerful intervention all by itself.”

This is a good article…you should read it…

…It has plenty more information, than what is quoted here.