Alan Watt: Pedophilia is the next right to be legalized…


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Date: June 06, 2016

01) Pedophilia is the next right to be legalized

“Published on Aug 13, 2015”

Alan Watt is, basically, an Alex Jones from Canada…He just doesn’t shout, rant, rave or foam at the mouth, like Alex Jones and his cohorts do…

…But, “the sky is perpetually falling”, and Alan is there to exploit it all and spread a certain style of worldview.

Here we can listen to Alan scoffing at information he is reading in an article…because with his self appointed expertise, he “just knows better”…

…There is no prying of that mind out of it’s entrenchments.

I discovered Alan’s show [podcast] a few years back…downloaded three episodes, and put them on my iPod…I’ve listened to them several times over…

…One of these episodes I want to track down, and share on my blog…strictly because of the content talked about…not because of Alan, himself.

Alan is a fear monger…who clearly doesn’t have any real answers…A talking head, serving a market of like minds…

…He has already made up his mind, and contorts the things he finds online, to fit his conclusions…Don’t ever expect these sorts to put in the time and effort, which it takes to understand what they are attempting to talk about…They never will.

…You just get shysters like this one, who talk ten miles a minute, barraging you with content and chatter, and dictating to you “what to think about it all”…

…I didn’t bother downloading any further episodes…nor do I see myself doing so in the future.

Do notice how Alan merely reads news articles, and turns his nose up at them, only to give his own spin on things…

…What of substance does he actually bring to the table, to refute any of this?…

A big, fat nothing

Sorry Alan…You are just not persuasive to a thinking person like myself, who demands substance and objective research above chronic whining.

Another Video: Pedophile groups demanding access to your children (Aug 20, 2012):

In the interest of sharing [and letting Alan represent himself], here is a link to his website

…It reminds me an awful lot of Mike Echols website, “Better a Millstone”.

Another from April 15, 2012 (just for kicks):

“Cultural Degradation, Promotion Of Debasement, Pedophilia And Bestiality”


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