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The Young Cultural Relativists…

Date: June 17, 2016

01) The Young Cultural Relativists

I have never seen The Young Turks as being revolutionary [or forward thinking], so much as being the product of discussions and movements that have been around for quite some time. They’re more a representative voice, over issues which have already reached a tipping point.

In my years of watching them…I can only think of one instance, where any of them suggested anything that bucked the norm…I mean, sure…people on the conservative fringes might get angry at what they say…but when we consider where this nation [the U.S.] is emotionally centered, today…The Young Turks are pretty much right there.

They don’t promote ideas which are dangerous to speak about…

…Instead, they are almost mundane in their recitations of pop culture wisdom.

So…why do I feature segments of their shows?…

…Largely, I agree with their messages and point of view…even if I think they are blind in various ways…and think that they may be delving into rhetoric, sometimes.

I think they express valuable points of view.

Unfortunately…their message doesn’t seem to be that diverse, or dynamic…It’s getting long in the tooth, stale and boring…And people are recognizing this.

It’s probably time for them to shake things up a bit…and maybe bring some contrary minds onto the regular staff, to highlight the depth of perspectives on issues being discussed?

As I see it…TYT is dying a slow death, as people are really starting to reject their product.

They need to reinvent themselves…One sided commentary on current news, just isn’t all that interesting, anymore.