On Being: Pauline Boss – The Myth of Closure…

Date: June 26, 2016

01) On Being: Pauline Boss – The Myth of Closure

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“There is no such thing as closure. Family therapist Pauline Boss says that the idea of closure in fact leads us astray — it’s a myth we need to put aside, like the idea we’ve accepted that grief has five linear stages and we come out the other side done with it. She coined the term “ambiguous loss,” creating a new field in family therapy and psychology. And she has wisdom for the complicated griefs and losses in all of our lives and in how we best approach the losses of others — including those very much in our public midst right now.”

I’ve often thought of “closure” as cliché and conditioning. Just another elusive ideal.

To my mind…it’s more useful fighting injustice, while striving to come to terms with your loss…than it is to chase after “closure”.

When damage is done…there is no point, when it is undone…It doesn’t just stop…You cant always put it behind you.

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