Palestinians: What do you think of atheists?…


Date: June 27, 2016

01) Palestinians: What do you think of atheists?

Notice how in most instances within this video, the possibility that there is no god, isn’t even considered a valid conclusion…

…It’s like…”keep searching, until you arrive at our conclusion…and don’t stop, until you do”…

…And there was one, lone guy…who thought it was no big deal, if you’re an atheist.

I have no doubt that there are others like him…But the fact that he was representing a rare viewpoint, is truly disturbing.


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1 thought on “Palestinians: What do you think of atheists?…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    Another observation, regarding the first guy to appear in this video…

    …The way he suggests you need to live by the religious beliefs, of the community you live in, just underscores one of the social divides, between Islamic cultures and “western” cultures.

    Many of us in “the west” view it as down right obscene, destructive and dehumanizing to suggest that we cannot live intermingled, amongst people of vastly different political and religious viewpoints…In fact, I think most of us take for granted, that we do live in such circumstances….And we see it as appropriate.

    The whole idea behind the “western” multicultural model…is that it does not matter if I am an atheist, living with a Christian neighbor on one side of me, a Muslim neighbor on the other side of me, a Jew living across the road from me…and a pagan living kitty corner from me…nor does it matter what race any of us are.

    These differences of belief and practice, are of no concern…We are not all expected to come together regularly, and engage in religious rituals, just because we live in close proximity to each other.

    Religion is not something, which can legally manipulate entire communities…And that is a major factor, in how we all get along…We don’t try to impose our differences upon one another.


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