Zach Sweers: “How far should a citizen go in trying to bust online predators?”…


Date: June 29, 2016

It begins at just about 35:45

01) Stateside 6.29.2016

02) Download Link [MP3]

Zach Sweers…

…I had a sneaking suspicion while listening to this news report, that I’d probably seen this guys YouTube channel…and I might have even intended on featuring his content, in this post series…

…Sure enough, the absence of videos and the presence of two other videos on this channel [Anxiety War], only serves to back up my suspicion.

It’s a shame this guy’s videos are down, because he is worthy of a lot of scrutiny…And they displayed tactics and mindsets, which I think would have been useful for most MAPs to see and comprehend.

I’m glad to see he is being sued [apparently, twice over], and that the local cops have severed ties with him. This sort of thing needs to take place…even if I am a bit annoyed, at how it’s interfered with intent to feature this guy, and his videos.

The contents of his videos consisted of lying to people online, and then filming the meetings…In the last instance, he took someone along with him who had a hand gun on his person.

A few notes:

a) “Evidence is evidence”…The local cops were accepting Zach’s videos, as evidence in cases against people. It’s important to keep in mind, that while cops might be held to a certain standard of conduct…that doesn’t mean private citizens also are.

b) You have every right to sue, anyone who does this sort of thing to you.

c) You should not meet “underage” people online, and decide to meet up for sex…You should never share pictures of yourself, nor live video, nor voice recording, with such people.

d) If you make the above mistake, and show up…do not talk to these people about anything, at all…Take something along with you, which fits the environment…even if that is only reading material, or something to eat…For example…taking binoculars to a park, can substantiate that you are only there bird watching…So, do go bird watching, and if one of these bozos approaches you…tell them to leave you alone.

e) Never go alone, if possible…

f) Don’t presume anyone is on the level with you. A lot of people are making sport of it, getting MAPs into vulnerable and compromising situations.

Relevant videos:

The philosophy, goals and future of this channel

I’M BEING SUED by a guy I reported

Yes, he has a certain mindset and ideology…and he slants it in a certain way…but he’s obviously an oblivious amateur…After what I’ve witnessed on his videos, I have little sympathy for him.

He got himself into trouble with his recklessness, which was entirely predictable…and now he is e-begging for money.

Zach refused to accept this optimal chance, to set the record correct on Stateside…Why?

He complains about the media misrepresenting him, but fails to respond to a major media network?

Zach is quite the propagandist…and he’s embroiled himself deep, in stoking the hatred against MAPs…It’s starting to cave in on him, and…well…Now we see what he is truthfully made of, as he collapses and retreats.

There is something important in this…as a lot of the people who target, smear and attack MAPs, are none to well equipped to deal with it, when the focus starts getting directed back on themselves.

As a community…we don’t organize and fight back nearly as vigorously, as we need to be doing.

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1 thought on “Zach Sweers: “How far should a citizen go in trying to bust online predators?”…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    When I so “Don’t go alone”…I mean, don’t meet anyone from the internet, when you are alone.

    Don’t meet “underage” people for sex…But, don’t go alone, even to just meet people you’ve never met before…If at all possible.


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