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Humanism Intro Part 1 & 2…

Date: July 29, 2016

01) Humanism Intro Part 1 – ‘Humanism’ Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin, Andrew Copson, & more…

“Humanism is sometimes mistaken for a form of religion, or something which is very complex. Here, some well known humanists explain that all humanism really is, is people wanting to live ethical and happy lives, thinking for themselves, without religion imposing its own morals on them which are not necessarily compatible with living ethically today. Including interviews with: Richard Dawkins, A C Grayling, Tim Minchin, Andrew Copson, Polly Toynbee, Rumi Hassan, Philip Pullman, & Zoe Margolis.”

Humanism Intro Part 2 – ‘The BHA’ – Richard Dawkins, Tim Minchin, Andrew Copson, & more…

The Inherent Hate of Hate Speech laws…

Date: July 29, 2016

01) The Inherent Hate of Hate Speech laws

“Examining recent cases revolving arround hatespeech.
Closer examining a recent case in Scottland.
How hatespeech laws are set up in Europe.
How these laws could be exploited by SJWs and others.
How hatespeech laws are integrated in social media.
How corporate social media collaborates with government on hatespeech laws.”

Evil-Unveiled: The Back Story…


Date: July 29, 2016

Some people might be wondering what this post was all about…

Here is the history:

This is really the story of three different groups…

…One group being the BoyLovers of BoyChat…the other two being the group of fanatics that made up “Perverted Justice” [Yes, the Dateline NBC “To Catch a Predator” people] and elements of “Absolute Zero United”.

Perverted Justice [PJ] was a hate group, which targeted “pedophiles” [or Minor Attracted People]…Absolute Zero United [AZU], was a group of the same nature.

A few AZU members had a history of being moles on BoyChat…Two in particular, displayed a sociopathic and predatory obsession with stalking and outing BoyChatters…They were posting on BoyChat for years…and really badly hurt some people.

BoyChat is an online posting chat board, which historically existed for the purpose of providing community and emotional support, for Minor Attracted People [MAPs] who are sexually attracted to boys. The behavior allowed on BoyChat was [and remains] soundly legal…and the community was on board with this objective, with exception to the rare outlier…who would either conceal what they were doing…or they would eventually find themselves banned from BoyChat, if they ever attempted to bring it there.

BoyChat was never a hub for criminal behavior…It was a community hub, for emotional and psychological enrichment…It was a place for communication with peers…and sometimes, with outsiders. For many of us writers…it was a place of personal journey, and personal discovery…

What BoyChat allowed us…was life changing…We finally found ourselves, because of BoyChat…and it was utterly beautiful.

PJ was a group that was out there…We at BoyChat knew about them, well before they became famous from NBC. They would conduct stings in online chat rooms, collect information on people chatting with their fake [minor] decoy…Then they’d name and shame them, on their Perverted Justice website.

PJ did get some attention from BoyChat…and given the nasty attitude and character of Xavier Von Erck [aka: Philip John Eide…PJs founding member], who openly admits targeting MAPs out of bold faced hatred, and has wished various inhumanities upon us…some of the BoyChat comments weren’t kind…Though I would say most of them were measured and fair.

BoyChat never did anything to either of these groups, beyond discussing them from time to time…issuing warnings about them to BoyLovers and such. It was overwhelming agreed, that what they were doing was wrong…But we didn’t really have any course of action we could take…And, I fear many thought “it’s not our fight”.

In it’s years of previous existence, PJ had only targeted people they caught in their stings…They openly stated, that the people they exposed had been caught breaking the law…This was a sort of benchmark, for the justification they gave regarding their actions. The people were [allegedly] criminals.

…I don’t even remember what year this was…2007, I guess…but it was probably almost ten years ago, now [2016]…For some reason, Philip became obsessed with taking down BoyChat [probably saw himself being called a “toad faced gremlin”, one to many times…started beating his chest, and instantly formed a vendetta]. Philip is a malicious person.

He managed to get BoyChats hosting arrangements terminated…

…Then higher up, JimF3, got us new hosting…and seconds before our old host cut off service, the entire Free Spirits website went live, on an entirely different host…The complete time of our “outage”, could be measured in minutes…This really pissed off Philip…

Simultaneously, Free Spirits administration was researching the option of suing MCI Canada, in order to get it’s status of “common carrier” revoked…Because it legally is required to provide service, to all paying customers operating within the law, in order to retain it’s advantageous “common carrier” status…When they blatantly discriminated against us.

We had a fundraiser on BoyChat…I should say, my own time on BoyChat administration was far into the past…But I did come back around for this…and became very excited, that our community was going to stand up and fight for itself.

In about ten days…maybe two weeks…we had amassed pledges amongst our community, in the amount of thirty five thousand dollars US [$35,000]…Which was extremely impressive, and energizing. The real amount they ended up collecting, was something more like $24,000, I believe…but it was still amazing…and BoyChat showed that it had the capacity to be a juggernaut, when it needed to be.

For better or for worse…the pledge page was public…and I pledged [and paid] over $1000 US, to this cause.

Philip’s response [along with his minions (IE: AZU)], was to start targeting BoyLovers from BoyChat [starting with the people who pledged money]…Based on the point that we were merely out here…that we were standing up to him…and this pissed him off.

Philip green-lighted “The Corporate Sex Offender” website…built, funded and hosted it…Where he [and his minions] stole the signature pictures of many BoyChat members…Where he started taking [and sometimes altering] portions of our posts on BoyChat [a copyright violation], and reposting them out of context, with no citation link…and strategically chosen and presented, so as to give distorted, one dimensional representations of many BoyChat posters.

The public intention behind this website…was to openly identify and out members of the BoyChat community…

…What was our “crime”?…

…We were simply out here, freely associating…and we were willing to stand up for ourselves, while exercising our voices…

That is it.

…PJ flushed what little integrity it had down the toilet, at that point in time…Because it could no longer hide that it was a hate group…It could no longer make claim, that it was targeting criminals…PJ was blatantly targeting, threatening, harassing, demeaning and terrorizing
MAPs who were exercising their free speech…on the grounds, that those MAPs were exercising their free speech.

For whatever I may have thought of PJ previously…I assure you…Things became personal at that point in time…and I got a good first hand education, of exactly what these sociopathic thugs are all about.

…Being honest and upstanding citizens, has nothing to do with what PJ was all about…They were out to simply fuck people over, to satisfy their own egos.

I mostly ignored “The Corporate Sex Offender registry”…because it was maliciously outing some people, who are my friends…and I did not want to bring more attention to the website. This is primarily why I’ve been so quiet about it, all these years.

The original chosen name [Corporate Sex Offender]…is something Philip pulled out of his own ass…Inventing a specious definition of a new “sex offender” class…One were Philip assumed that because there were many of us associating with each other, and money was being pooled…he could assume us to be “a corporation”…And because he did not like our viewpoints, or our speech…Philip figured he could spin it, that we were advocating, encouraging, educating, sponsoring, facilitating and trying to legalize “child sex abuse”…Hence, this supposedly made all of us being targeted “sex offenders”.

The list was blatant slander and terrorism…It was obvious stalking…and obviously sociopathic in nature.

It stayed online for about a year and a half…when Philip abruptly pulled it offline…claiming that there was no longer any interest amongst PJs minions, to maintain the site…

…Much to the dismay, of a couple AZU members who were still actively behind the site.

As it turns out…Philip lied…He needed to do an emergency clean up of PJ [his organization], losing the “Corporate Sex Offender” site, and telling a lot of his minions to get lost…

After having lost their deal with Dateline NBC [which paid them something like $100,000 per episode] after a high profile suicide, PJ was suddenly without income…and the three principle members of PJ decided to apply for “non profit” status…If it was known the debauchery PJ was embroiled in, nearly all of it’s prior existence…even if only what it was doing to people like me, with it’s so called “Corporate Sex Offender register”…This would have greatly jeopardized their ability to attain “non profit” status…Because it would have essentially made them a blatant, state sponsored terrorist hate group…What they were involved in, disqualified them from being a “non profit”.

Why did they want to be a “non profit”?…So that they could avoid paying certain taxes on their something like 1.4 million dollars in capital…as the three of them gave themselves fat, six digit yearly incomes…and allowed the capital of PJ to drain into their private bank accounts.

Now…the money was legally theirs…the three earned it in show business [Dateline NBC]…But what makes this so sleazy [aside from the nature of how they earned it], is that they filled out the application, representing themselves as intending to carry on PJ, as some sort of law enforcement education business…Something they never followed up on…They took all the money for themselves, under false pretenses…and quietly let PJ go bankrupt…They quietly shut it down…and they have tried to distance themselves, from their many sins of the past.

The sin of “Corporate Sex Offender” was also known as “Wikisposure”, during the time PJ was running it.

Shortly after PJ disingenuously distanced itself from this debacle…Cynthia Jean [Dale] Harvey of AZU collected up the pages, and put them back online under the name “Evil-Unveiled”. This insane psychopath proceeded to attain hosting, and promptly get terminated for blatant terms of service violations…The site itself, and what it was doing [slandering, stalking, harassing and terrorizing people, who were simply exercising their free speech], was an indefensible violation of most terms of service…and it was also a clear hotbed, for justified law suits.

Eventually this incompetent, mentally ill, malicious woman resorted to giving the website content, to the trolls who own Encyclopedia Dramatica…Perhaps, she is a member there also…I don’t know.

I do know for a fact, however…that for roughly the past decade, the people of PJ, Cynthia and probably a few others, have actively worked to threaten, intimidate and injure me, as well as to defame my online persona.

I never did anything to any of these people…yet I was the target of their abuse, vitriol, malice and hostility…And, yes…after an epic marathon of weathering this…I have, from time to time, acknowledged what insufferable assholes they are.

Those people are criminals…and they are the worst the human species has to offer.

It has been on my mind for years, to make a proper response to the “Steve-D” [which is me] page they made.

…And you can consider this to be the second part of that response.

I don’t really care what any of these people think about me, or my ideas…It’s none of their business, that I find value in discussing particular issues…And they have no right falsely claiming me to be a “sex offender”, over my speech and ideas…Nor any right for harassing and threatening me, all of these many years.

A sane person would have agreed to disagree, and peacefully gone their own way…but not these sociopath predators of PJ and AZU.

Yes…It has become deeply personal.

These have been the historic facts behind “Evil-Unveiled”, and my prior response to it.


Evil-Unveiled: The BlogSpot Year…


Date: July 29, 2016

Myself, Perverted Justice & Absolute Zero United

I’ve written about this in some detail before [over a handful of writings]…So, I’m going to keep the following short. I just wanted it to be part of this informal post series, outlining one of the more serious and malicious, ongoing, chronic assaults I’ve had to face.

Fleshing out the Absolute Zero United [AZU] side of this, a bit better…

…I undoubtedly became a bigger target, because of my blogging…which started prior to the forced confrontation between BoyChat and Philip Eide. AZU discovered me, very early into their existence as a group…and they were never able to get rid of me…A few of them took this vendetta against me, and let it play out through the “Corporate Sex Offender / Wikisposure / Evil-Unveiled” assault.

Allison Shea [aka Del Harvey] of Perverted Justice [PJ]…was working at BlogSpot during this time, unbeknownst to me when I originally started blogging. It was discovered that she was the insider working with AZU, who deleted blogs without warning, allowing AZU to steal the URLs these blogs were located at. AZU and Allison targeted MAPs on the grounds of who they are [and unchosen biological traits they live with]…not based upon the content of their blogging. This was discovered after some of us MAPs opened up blogs having nothing explicit to do with being a MAP, just to have them abruptly shut down under claims that they “violated terms of service”.

…The biggest irony here, is that Allison is a lesbian…and an outspoken supporter of sexual minority rights…and yet she refused to wrap her mind around the concept, that every minority requires the most basic of human rights…including that of open speech and dialogue.

…She spent so much of her life trying to inhumanely steal from others, exactly those things she knows are fundamental to base human rights…Things as a lesbian, she believes that she is owed…and she understands why they are necessary.

It’s unconscionable what she did, honestly…and it underscores the simplistic, sociopathic, knee jerk way, that the top PJ people thought and acted.

Allison was, seemingly, the original connection between PJ and AZU…And many of us came to see Allison as an unofficial member of AZU…Not exactly doing most of what AZU did…but being indispensable in facilitating it.

These fanatics were aggressive irritants, all along…All they did was spew venom, and provoke, when it came to people like myself…Though they also published people’s private information, and committed various infractions for which their blog should have been shut down by BlogSpot [ie: Allison]…but a blind eye was always turned.

Allison has a long history, of being a deplorable, biased safety supervisor…and she does not mind allowing certain things to transpire, so long as they compliment her personal worldview.

Probably one of the more ironic things about myself and Allison…is how our times at BlogSpot, YouTube and Twitter parallel…She has been in a position of control at all three of these resources, at the times when I was most active on them…all the way till today, on Twitter.

She has, seemingly, left my account [Twitter] alone for once…Which is intriguing, given how cruelly [and underhandedly] she has messed with me in the past.

Again…I never started anything with any of these people, PJ or AZU…Yet they self elected to get in my face, attack me repeatedly…and run like a rampant terror, over something which was deeply human, deeply personal…and deeply important to me…when they don’t even know me.

I have been the victim of a literal witch hunt, at the hands of these people…And they’ve refused to have a dialogue, all along.

Walking into AZU as a MAP [Minor Attracted Person]…is like walking into a fundamentalist christain group, when you are not christian…They already have a mental image of who you are, and what you are…And they will do absolutely nothing but attack you, based upon their misconceptions of you. Trying to pry the minds of these dogmatic, simple thinking people out of that…has proven hopeless.

The wasted time of many, in just that pursuit…has convinced me, that there is nothing to be gained in worrying about changing the minds of AZU [and PJ] people.

…They’re not in this for the life enrichment of understanding others, or conflict resolution, or bringing people together…

…They’re in this for the thrill of sociopathic human hunting…for the sadistic kicks of tormenting other humans…and for the fantasy of self grandeur, in being a self purported internet hero.

No small amount of AZU activity, was stealing BlogSpot URLs previously owned by MAPs, and proceeding to brazenly gloat over it. They always spit in the faces of these MAPs, by celebrating what had happened to them, and mocking them for it.

No decent human being behaves in these ways…not even towards strangers they disagree with.

This is the quality of character, of the people who have most vehemently [and viciously] attacked me, over the years.

I’ve never been anything in their minds, beyond “the contemptible evil”…Their minds have stripped me, of my true humanity.

As additional comment:

My first blog was unique in many ways…It was so personal, and “cut to the bone” real…that I consciously decided not to keep local copies of these writings, on my personal hard drive. I only saved copies on the BlogSpot server…Short of a key logger, nobody could have traced these back to me from searching my hard drive…

It was a distancing tactic. [and I had no idea it was going to be this huge, when I first started] At the time, I didn’t believe that I would actually get any attention from others…having had several websites previously, and knowing how online interaction typically goes. I viewed this as more less a private project…and never foresaw it getting this much hostility.

Foolish or wise…I originally thought it was secure enough…until I came to the realization, of what was happening with other MAPs blogs on BlogSpot. In a flurry…I saved all of my know, completed posts [both published and unpublished], just days prior to the first deletion of my blog…But I had been going through such a freakish time in my writing life, that over nine moths I’d written something like 130 posts…and had another 200 or so partial posts, notes and outlines to flesh out…The former I secured…the latter, I had no time to successfully get…

That malicious act did hurt me, on a personal level…and it stole something from me, which cannot be replaced.

…I don’t even know if these people comprehend, just how cruel they have been towards me…Nor that I was going through a personal crisis at the time…and this project was something I had to do…something I needed, no matter who understood it.

Their callous interference was senseless.

…I don’t hate Allison Shea…

…I just wish she was a far better human being, than what she has proven herself to be.

Despite the many reasons these people have given me to hate them…I’ve not let that consume me.

…And I only document these things from the past, in order to give historical context to the ongoing, very long term harassment I’ve been subjected to, by these people.


Intelligent Design: You Know What Would Be Genuinely Provoking?…

Date: July 29, 2016

01) Has Science Discovered God?

“This video explores the latest discoveries from physics and astronomy on the universe and biology and DNA and how these relate to the existence of God.”

We have the Bible [both old and new testaments], alleged to be “the inspired word of god”…And we have the Qur’an, alleged to be “the direct and absolute word of allah [god]”…Both of these contain accounts of dialogue with god, dialogue with angels, dialogues with satan, and dialogues with demons…all of which, presumably, would have great insight into the beginning of everything.

…And yet, nowhere in the pages of these books, is a working knowledge of the universe [or any of the fields of science] displayed…

Why are the two most revered books on this planet, allegedly coming from the most knowledgeable, all capable and powerful “being” ever to exist, inexplicably barren of a detailed explanation of the universe and all in it, down to it’s most minute details?

Why has this amazing “being”, decided to come off looking unimpressive and incompetent?…It could have ultimately given us the answers to everything…But even if it held back, because it thought we weren’t sophisticated enough to be able to comprehend the information…Why didn’t it accurately explain to us, even just the basics of our solar system?…or that beliefs like Venus and Mars being “gods floating in the sky” are wrong?…but, instead, they are planets?

Such an amazing “being” would have found a way to impart this knowledge upon us, clearly and distinctly, with no doubts about it’s origins, had it wanted us to believe in it’s legitimacy…So, what is the rational behind it not doing so?…especially when it has everything to gain, by impressing us?

If it wants our belief most of all, as the stories claim…then this is a ludicrous contradiction.

The two [or three] most impressive books of this creature, should blow science out of the water and render it redundant…and yet, they are pathetic when measured against the standards and performance of science…Why is that?

…Any honest mind knows why.

This video is a piece of unsophisticated propaganda…

If the universe is “finely tuned to produce and support life”…then we have a heck of a lot to explain, given that life cannot naturally exist in the overwhelming amount of our universe, that we know about. That is not good “tuning”.

This guy [like most creationists] is taking basic facts we have discovered [and know]…and spuriously assigning them to the Intelligent Design [aka Creation] story.

Bernie Sanders drops the Democratic Party like its hot…

Date: July 28, 2016

01) Bernie Sanders drops the Democratic Party like its hot

“Bernie Sanders dropping the Democratic Party is pretty much something that we all saw coming. After the way that Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC worked against his campaign, it seems only right that he’d go back to his roots after not getting the nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia”

The God Who Wasn’t There…

Date: July 28, 2016

01) The God Who Wasn’t There

“Former fundamentalist Christian Brian Flemming places the core concepts of his former religion under the microscope in a documentary that attempts to do for religion what Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me did for the fast-food industry. In his bold quest to seek answers to the difficult questions that few are willing to pose, Flemming is joined by Deconstructing Jesus author Robert M. Price, renowned historian Richard Carrier, and The End of Faith author Sam Harris.

From the ignorance of many contemporary Christians as to the origin of their religion to the striking similarities between Jesus Christ and the deities worshipped by ancient pagan cults and the Christian obsession with blood and violence, this faith-shaking documentary explores the many mysteries of the Christian faith as never before.

This documentary argues the “mythicist” case in the historical Jesus debate. This position says that Jesus of Nazareth wasn’t a real person but a fiction based on Jewish scriptures and mystery religions of the Roman Empire. It doesn’t make sense to talk about a “real” Jesus — there wasn’t any.”