I think there is a modern trend…

Date: July 05, 2016

01) BoyChat Link

“Btw, what is your feeling about why others around here (especially activists) have apparently been disinclined (?) to help get the word out more and link to these channels?”

I think there is a modern trend…

…to keep the more explicit talk of sexual acceptance, in the shadows.

I think there is a lot more emphasis on “we’re humans too”, and less on what makes us unique from others…and more emphasis on research, and the harms of punishment fanaticism.

I think…many believe this is a much easier path to fight, than bold, artistic expressions, which celebrate who we are, without apology.

…I think, many have surrendered that part of themselves.

I’ve always thought, the strident spirit of the BoyLover, and his [her] unique look on life, is a beautiful thing to celebrate…Which is why I like your content.

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