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Legend (1985) – Tom Cruise (David Bennent)…

July 10, 2016

01) Legend (1985) – Tom Cruise

For those who’ve never seen this movie…this is one version of Legend. I believe the only difference exists in the soundtrack used.

The awkward voice over aside…I was quite taken by David Bennent, when this movie came out on VHS.

He was nineteen years old, when making this movie…and he had a condition, I can never remember the name of [and to be completely honest, I’m not sure I ever found an official name for it].

He stayed like a physical ten to twelve year old, for many, many years.

The condition has always fascinated me.

Some of the dialogue I think is lazy…and some scenes tacky…but on average, I really enjoyed this movie.

Lord of the Flies: Clothing and Nudity in chapter 1 – Analysis…


Date: July 10, 2016

01) Lord of the Flies: Clothing and Nudity in chapter 1 – Analysis

“An in-depth analysis of the significance of clothing and nudity in the first chapter of William Golding’s novel “Lord of the Flies”, arguing closely from the text with many specific citations, and with fair use of copyrighted material from both the 1963 and 1990 movies for illustrating the points made.

A fact that i completely missed when making this video essay is that swimming in the nude in groups wasn’t uncommon for boys and men in many countries until as late as 1970. That clearly explains why Golding, in the 1950ies, could easily use nudity as a symbol in the way he did, why it was already harder to show it that way for Brook in the 1960ies, and why the symbol is _now_ so widely misinterpreted to signify “regression into savagery”, which completely misses the point. Please do read the insightful comment posted by Allen Williams for further clarification and give it a “thumbs up” such that others can more easily find it.

For more information on the history of nude swimming in U.S. schools, see the excellent three-part documentary starting with this video:


The following photo essay relates the history of public swimming in England, with some scattered hints about how attitudes toward nudity changed over time (but it’s not quite as detailed as the above one about the U.S.):


This is quite interesting.