Police Whistleblower: Failures of Criminal Justice System Lead to the Dallas Shooting…

Date: July 11, 2016

01) Police Whistleblower: Failures of Criminal Justice System Lead to the Dallas Shooting

“In the full interview, ex-Cop Michael Wood responds to the Dallas attacks, the history of racism in modern policing, threats against the Black Lives Matter movement and the news the shooter was an army veteran”

…Oppressive towards persons of color, women and other minorities?…

…Yeah…tell me all about it…We can compare notes.

You don’t have to step outside of the Minor Attraction community, to witness just how corrupt and bad police [and “authority”] conduct gets…We have the worst manners of those possible, already inflicted upon us…

…I’d hardly suggest that any one police officer shot or killed “deserved it”…but I am absolutely not surprised, that more of them are blatantly being killed in a social backlash.

Too much of the conduct of “law enforcement” is of an atrocious nature…In some cases, this stems from the fact that laws and social attitudes, themselves, are atrocious…

…The karma these henchmen earn for themselves, is ugly when it comes back at them.

…”They’re not feeling racist, but the system is, throughout history, built off of slave catching”…


Todays system is built off of a predatory model, of exploiting targets who cant easily fight back…groups who are easy to malign, and easy to keep divided.

Without this group cohesion…these groups are effectively chattel, or laboratory animals…and their protected rights are routinely violated, on many levels.

That is what our “justice” system in the United States of America is.

…”…it poisons everything…We’re told this is the way we should do things…But we’re not stopping to think about what that means”…

…Good grief, yes!

…”[police] serve politicians…and politicians serve people with money and power”…

Why is it, that I could get lynched for having been out here the last two decades, saying the same things about our “justice” system?…Why is it, that so many people know this, yet nothing has been done to correct it?…

…It’s because we are in disarray, as social groups…It’s because our ability to organize and create action, has been so badly hampered.

Michael Wood just keeps on dropping so much vital truth, here.

Yes!…The model of policing needs a fundamental change…It also needs to be vastly scaled back, in both authority and power.

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