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How To Be 100% HACKPROOF!…

Date: July 13, 2016

01) How To Be 100% HACKPROOF!

Largely comedy, but a little bit of good information.

“Some pretty goddamn huge Youtubers are getting hacked and stuff recently. So here’s a little video I made about the entire topic of hacking, and how to make yourself as hackproof as possible.”

The only caveat I see here…

Do Not put your passwords into a notepad file, and save it on your computer anywhere…This is highly insecure. If someone hacks into your system, they may find it.

I’ve been curious about password keeping programs for years…but I have to confess, I’ve never looked that deeply into them…and I’ve always had this nagging feeling…that the day is coming, when they will be hacked…and their security will fail…and then all of your passwords [and website information] will be available, in one convenient place…what a total disaster that would be.