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Proving “the Un-Provable”?…

Date: July 15, 2016

This isn’t so much a “complete” post…But I was watching an exchange on Twitter in this thread, between Daniel G ?@thecoolrydon and Mark Lucius ?@PedofielMark…and I didn’t want to get into a long, deep exchange with anyone tonight…but I was finding it way too painful, to fail making any type of response.

Just a few thoughts…

a) Fighting for a wider range of open options, which would be enjoyed by a wide range of people, is not “fighting for only ones self”.

b) The onus of proof being on us, is all fine and well…except that it is a crime, to openly exhibit just how harmless or beneficial such a relationship is. It is [and we are] given no chance, to prove the worth and nature of these relationships. This is the utter worst of “catch 22’s”. If we don’t have the legal ability to prove this…then we have every right to use any other method of argument, which is useful…even if that amounts to something like thousands of us giving anecdotal evidence. The very research and documentation of these things has been under assault…It is in disarray…It is hobbled and stunted. Don’t blame us that we have to rely on our good nature and creativity, in the absence of a lot of charts, statistics and papers…It’s not our fault.

c) There is definitely a system of “evidence finding”, which skews data…and locks out everybody else, who is inconvenient to the desired conclusion. I was only impressed by the output of this model, when I lacked the knowledge of how it literally functioned.

This “research” is political…It is not academic…and it has no interest, in clarifying the subject matter.

Nobody who has “seen under the hood”, can come away believing that modern “CSA research” [for example] is in any way impartial…that it is not completely bought and owned…or that it functions in the manner, that legitimate academic research is supposed to.

Pull out all the charts and statistics you like…They’re overwhelmingly based on a corrupt model.

Micro aggressions…

Date: July 15, 2016

Either Chester M. Pierce or Derald Sue [though I believe it was Chester M. Pierce] had an interview last week, on an NPR radio show…

If I recall correctly…it was an interview asking the person who invented the term “micro aggression” [Chester M. Pierce], what he thinks of the way this terminology is being used today.

…Or, it may have been the guy who popularized it’s usage, and wrote a book or two about it [Derald Sue]…

I caught part of this interview on my way to work…I lingered in the parking lot, until I had to leave and go clock in…I never got a chance to note down the show, nor the exact information…And it aired either earlier this week, or last week…And not being able to find this segment, is driving me insane…It’s what started this whole post, in the first place.

In it…the person being interviewed disavows the manner in which “micro aggression” is being used by social justice warriors…And clarifies that the term was never meant to be exploited like that…or used for the purposes it’s being used by many.

If this sounds familiar to anybody else…and you know where this segment is uploaded at…I’d very much appreciate a link to it.

…I cannot believe, that I’ve not been able to dig this up…

…Perhaps the NPR website is malfunctioning right now…I don’t know…But I want that link.

…And all of my searching over the last two or three hours, keeps on flipping the middle finger back at me.

At any rate…here are a number of interesting links, concerning “micro aggression”…and how we got to the place we are at, with some young people acting like it is the social bane of our time…and really spinning a lot of hyperbole with the concept.

These are not all from the same perspective…Don’t miss the last one.

01) Where Microaggressions Come From

“If, like some of us of a certain age, you wondered where the exotic term “microaggressions” comes from, the answer is that, like many maladies that bedevil us, it started in the 1970s, and in academia, no less.”

02) Are Microaggressions A Big Deal?

03) Direct Download [MP3]

“The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has faced mixed reactions for recently releasing a document containing training guidelines for faculty on common racial microaggressions. Joy Cardin speaks to two guests who explain what microaggressions are and how to avoid using them.”

04) What exactly is a microaggression?

“This is how psychologist Derald W. Sue, who’s written two books on microaggressions, defines the term: “The everyday slights, indignities, put downs and insults that people of color, women, LGBT populations or those who are marginalized experiences in their day-to-day interactions with people.”


Back in the 1970s, Harvard University professor Chester M. Pierce coined the term “microaggression” to describe the insults and slights he had witnessed against black people.”

05) Derald Sue on NPR: “Microaggressions Are Denigrating”

06) Direct Download [MP3]

“In an interview with Michel Martin, Professor Sue says casual, everyday questions and comments can reveal unconscious biases.”

07) Feminisms MicroAggression: a term created to describe covert racism, quickly hijacked by feminism

08) Sociologist: Open Discussion Of Microaggressions Reflects Cultural Shift

This one is very worth listening too.