The Presumption of Harm…

Date: July 16, 2016

01) Re: Social Cohesion

I’m an LBL, also…with a pinch of hebephile in me.

Thank you for that response…

…Over many, many years…I’ve come to see the automatic assertion of harm, as being a baseless talking point.

What does it even mean…and how is it qualified?

Generally speaking…the “harm” appears to be a combination of having been turned onto the discovery of sex, and wanting to do it in a world that demands their celibacy…along with experiencing a life, which challenges social constructs…where being different in society is not valued…but often cursed by many.

Could they catch an STD?…I suppose, if care is not taken…

Could they be traumatized if it’s aggressively taken?…Yes…That is possible…

…But how does age difference even factor into it?…if there’s not forced compulsion to recognize “authority” within the relationship?

…Is “authority”, such an uncompromising wall?

…I think, it’s mostly just placed upon us as an argument…because the lofty concept behind it, is unattainable.

Real people living real lives, are not so rigid.

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