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Game of Thrones and BoyLove…

Date: July 24, 2016

01) Game of Thrones and BL

“I saw a hint of boylove in few episodes.”

Well, let’s see…

Right out of the gate, we have an ultra cute boy popping through a window, while Jamie and Cersie are going at it hot n heavy…

…But instead of doing the polite thing, and inviting Bran to join in…they push him back out the window, presumably to his death…

As an LBL, I was mortified by that alone…on multiple levels…It was like an ugly jab at LBLs, conscious or not.

…This just doesn’t sound like a BL story to me.

…I also started watching Game of Thrones, in no small part due to seeing a picture of Isaac Hempstead Wright…and comments from [BoyChat], that “pedophilia” was represented in the series…[Please, do not judge…I have the right to hope, just like anybody else.]

…While yes, many people will consider Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen “pedophilic”…it’s still a bastardization of the term…and a disappointing bore.

[The actors are physically beautiful in their own ways, but that’s just not my thing.]

…What a let down, when Bran [and Rickon (and nipple sucking Robin, too)] was right there.

But who am I kidding…HBO was never going to give us anything really good, in this regard…Drogo and Daenerys are safe subject matter.