The Taliban of BoyChat…

Date: July 25, 2016

01) Re: one good thing


…Please don’t let the unelected, unrequested, unnecessary and self chosen Taliban of BoyChat get you down.

A lot of us have cycled through the same thing, because of the endless onslaught…and witnessing what it’s done to this community, especially over the last decade…You have no idea, how many years I held back personal anger and disgust, over this very issue.

A mental exercise I enjoy:

Think of them as followers who are so enamored with us, that they honor us with alternate universe fan fiction…It’s fun!

Since meaningful pushback by the sane, balanced and honest people is so infrequent…it helps to assign the insane busybodies, who are endlessly going on about nothing and being nasty [in hopes it will drive people away], to a kind of ludicrous, mental waste bin…a category befitting of them, and their behavior.

As to Osama Bin Maker…

…The Birds of BoyChat have been singing an interesting tune, in recent past…The only questions being…Do they sing in harmony?…And do they sing true?…

…I honestly would have never suspected…Osama Bin Maker’s historical identity has been concealed quite zealously…all these many, many, many years, as they’ve habitually returned to stab the knife into this community’s back…nobody [or few people] being the wiser, as to who is doing this to us.

It’s quite the thing to ponder…because if true, Osama Bin Maker is a massive Judas, to a community which accepted and embraced him [I was here, when he arrived]…a community which was remarkably good to him.

…But Osama Bin Maker and I were never on close terms…I could never vouch for his character, below the surface of his public persona.

Those who fail the acid test:

One thing I have come to know and personally experience…

…is that finally discovering that you actually do have real skin in this game, is the true acid test of character…especially within communities like this, with our particular social circumstances.

Some people know why they stand and fight…while others retreat, conceal themselves, and become bitter, abusive fiends…who blame, and blame and blame…who sow the seeds which undermine a community.

…This happens with our home grown celebrities, just like any other member…Some people take a stand, only when it is easy…When things start getting complicated, is when their true colors come out…

…It’s been really sickening realizing, who all you have to watch your back being around…when they should have been part of the supporting foundation of this community.

…This community was far better to them, then they have been to it.

Most of us here, are still decent quality people of good nature…I at least take heart in knowing that much.

…And since I know the Furor of BoyChat Thought and Communication, himself, cannot possibly refrain from clicking on and reading this post while foaming at the mouth and having an aneurism…

You weren’t invited to this exchange.

…Just shut up…go back to the bed you’ve made, and lay in it.

…Nobody wants your venom, your Social Justice Warrior tactics, your creepy Mind Fuck games, your sociopathic lying, your abusive tripe, and your spineless concealment of who you are to this community, anymore.

The last couple of years aside…I’ve been watching you for years, and years…I already know exactly what you are all about…And I never need to hear, read, see, feel or smell anything from you, ever again.

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