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Bernie Sanders: ‘Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president’…


Date: July 26, 2016

01) Bernie Sanders: ‘Hillary Clinton will make an outstanding president’

“Sen. Bernie Sanders delivered a rousing speech in which he implored the rebellious band of political revolutionaries who backed his presidential campaign to line up behind his former primary rival, Hillary Clinton.

After several minutes of roaring applause, Sanders addressed the elephant in the room. Many of his supporters insist they will refuse to back Clinton, the party’s presumptive nominee. Throughout the primary, Sanders and his team alleged the Democratic National Committee was biased in favor of Clinton. The leak of emails over the weekend — which showed that DNC staffers were working to undermine Sanders’ bid — fueled protests at the convention that even led to Sanders himself being booed earlier in the day. In his speech, Sanders acknowledged the anger many of his supporters feel.”

You know…I realize Bernie was a long shot from the start…and this was a probable outcome, all along…

…But given everything that has transpired…This should not be happening.

Bernie was supposed to stay on the campaign trail, and keep the momentum going into the Democratic convention…But it died, what?…a month ago?…

I get it, that we have something that we can harness…and I still love Bernie Sanders, as a human being…

…I just wonder if Bernie has been politically destroyed by this…and whether whatever it is we have on our hands, can organize…get a leader…and finally slay this corruption.

I wish Bernie had ran as an independent…The people would have rallied around him, just like they did as a Democrat…and he probably would not be bowing out, right now.

…We are in for another four year block of being screwed over…and all that that entails.

I predict Hillary will be the next U.S. President…And she will do so, entirely without my vote.

But then…given all of us who are refusing to vote for her…who knows.

Did you ever think we would get to a point, where both major candidates were so overwhelmingly disliked and unwanted?…Where they were both openly exposed as this corrupt?…and that the establishment just doesn’t give a shit…but expects us to pick one of them?

Take a snap shot of this, USA…and look at it everyday, for the duration of the next presidential term…

It’s time to get so angry…that this never happens again.

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