Evil-Unveiled: The BlogSpot Year…


Date: July 29, 2016

Myself, Perverted Justice & Absolute Zero United

I’ve written about this in some detail before [over a handful of writings]…So, I’m going to keep the following short. I just wanted it to be part of this informal post series, outlining one of the more serious and malicious, ongoing, chronic assaults I’ve had to face.

Fleshing out the Absolute Zero United [AZU] side of this, a bit better…

…I undoubtedly became a bigger target, because of my blogging…which started prior to the forced confrontation between BoyChat and Philip Eide. AZU discovered me, very early into their existence as a group…and they were never able to get rid of me…A few of them took this vendetta against me, and let it play out through the “Corporate Sex Offender / Wikisposure / Evil-Unveiled” assault.

Allison Shea [aka Del Harvey] of Perverted Justice [PJ]…was working at BlogSpot during this time, unbeknownst to me when I originally started blogging. It was discovered that she was the insider working with AZU, who deleted blogs without warning, allowing AZU to steal the URLs these blogs were located at. AZU and Allison targeted MAPs on the grounds of who they are [and unchosen biological traits they live with]…not based upon the content of their blogging. This was discovered after some of us MAPs opened up blogs having nothing explicit to do with being a MAP, just to have them abruptly shut down under claims that they “violated terms of service”.

…The biggest irony here, is that Allison is a lesbian…and an outspoken supporter of sexual minority rights…and yet she refused to wrap her mind around the concept, that every minority requires the most basic of human rights…including that of open speech and dialogue.

…She spent so much of her life trying to inhumanely steal from others, exactly those things she knows are fundamental to base human rights…Things as a lesbian, she believes that she is owed…and she understands why they are necessary.

It’s unconscionable what she did, honestly…and it underscores the simplistic, sociopathic, knee jerk way, that the top PJ people thought and acted.

Allison was, seemingly, the original connection between PJ and AZU…And many of us came to see Allison as an unofficial member of AZU…Not exactly doing most of what AZU did…but being indispensable in facilitating it.

These fanatics were aggressive irritants, all along…All they did was spew venom, and provoke, when it came to people like myself…Though they also published people’s private information, and committed various infractions for which their blog should have been shut down by BlogSpot [ie: Allison]…but a blind eye was always turned.

Allison has a long history, of being a deplorable, biased safety supervisor…and she does not mind allowing certain things to transpire, so long as they compliment her personal worldview.

Probably one of the more ironic things about myself and Allison…is how our times at BlogSpot, YouTube and Twitter parallel…She has been in a position of control at all three of these resources, at the times when I was most active on them…all the way till today, on Twitter.

She has, seemingly, left my account [Twitter] alone for once…Which is intriguing, given how cruelly [and underhandedly] she has messed with me in the past.

Again…I never started anything with any of these people, PJ or AZU…Yet they self elected to get in my face, attack me repeatedly…and run like a rampant terror, over something which was deeply human, deeply personal…and deeply important to me…when they don’t even know me.

I have been the victim of a literal witch hunt, at the hands of these people…And they’ve refused to have a dialogue, all along.

Walking into AZU as a MAP [Minor Attracted Person]…is like walking into a fundamentalist christain group, when you are not christian…They already have a mental image of who you are, and what you are…And they will do absolutely nothing but attack you, based upon their misconceptions of you. Trying to pry the minds of these dogmatic, simple thinking people out of that…has proven hopeless.

The wasted time of many, in just that pursuit…has convinced me, that there is nothing to be gained in worrying about changing the minds of AZU [and PJ] people.

…They’re not in this for the life enrichment of understanding others, or conflict resolution, or bringing people together…

…They’re in this for the thrill of sociopathic human hunting…for the sadistic kicks of tormenting other humans…and for the fantasy of self grandeur, in being a self purported internet hero.

No small amount of AZU activity, was stealing BlogSpot URLs previously owned by MAPs, and proceeding to brazenly gloat over it. They always spit in the faces of these MAPs, by celebrating what had happened to them, and mocking them for it.

No decent human being behaves in these ways…not even towards strangers they disagree with.

This is the quality of character, of the people who have most vehemently [and viciously] attacked me, over the years.

I’ve never been anything in their minds, beyond “the contemptible evil”…Their minds have stripped me, of my true humanity.

As additional comment:

My first blog was unique in many ways…It was so personal, and “cut to the bone” real…that I consciously decided not to keep local copies of these writings, on my personal hard drive. I only saved copies on the BlogSpot server…Short of a key logger, nobody could have traced these back to me from searching my hard drive…

It was a distancing tactic. [and I had no idea it was going to be this huge, when I first started] At the time, I didn’t believe that I would actually get any attention from others…having had several websites previously, and knowing how online interaction typically goes. I viewed this as more less a private project…and never foresaw it getting this much hostility.

Foolish or wise…I originally thought it was secure enough…until I came to the realization, of what was happening with other MAPs blogs on BlogSpot. In a flurry…I saved all of my know, completed posts [both published and unpublished], just days prior to the first deletion of my blog…But I had been going through such a freakish time in my writing life, that over nine moths I’d written something like 130 posts…and had another 200 or so partial posts, notes and outlines to flesh out…The former I secured…the latter, I had no time to successfully get…

That malicious act did hurt me, on a personal level…and it stole something from me, which cannot be replaced.

…I don’t even know if these people comprehend, just how cruel they have been towards me…Nor that I was going through a personal crisis at the time…and this project was something I had to do…something I needed, no matter who understood it.

Their callous interference was senseless.

…I don’t hate Allison Shea…

…I just wish she was a far better human being, than what she has proven herself to be.

Despite the many reasons these people have given me to hate them…I’ve not let that consume me.

…And I only document these things from the past, in order to give historical context to the ongoing, very long term harassment I’ve been subjected to, by these people.


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